Getting Started with Gas Logs

  • Gas Log Buying Guide

    Gas Log Buying Guide

    With over a decade of gas log experience, our certified professionals are uniquely qualified to assist you in choosing the perfect gas logs for your home.

  • How To Measure Your Fireplace

    How To Measure Your Fireplace for Gas Logs

    When shopping for gas logs, measuring your fireplace is the most important step. The dimensions of your fireplace will help you determine the best size gas logs and ignition option for your fireplace.

  • Top Rated: Gas Log Sets

    Best Vented Gas Logs

    These top-rated sets will introduce you to many of the options that are available, including burner type, size, and log style.

  • Vented vs Vent-Free Gas Logs

    Vented vs Ventless Gas Logs

    We have the facts on vented gas logs vs. ventless gas logs (also known as "vent-free"). Learn the difference between venting types and how to tell which one is best for your fireplace.

  • Gas Logs FAQ

    Gas Logs FAQ

    Find the answers to the most frequently asked questions regarding gas logs. Question not answered? Give us a call so our gas log experts can help 877-743-2269.

  • Gas Log Styles

    Gas Log Styles

    Gas logs come in a variety of wood styles – oak, pine, driftwood, and more. Discover log styles to create the perfect fire in your hearth.

  • Gas Log Expert Reviews

    Gas Log Expert Reviews

    We've talked to our customers, and here are a few log sets they have asked us to review and want our expert opinion on.

  • BTypes of Ignition and Control Methods

    Types of Ignition and Control Methods

    There are a variety of Safety Pilot Kit options available for most gas log sets, and each manufacturer has specific features and functions for their ignition methods.

  • Fire Glass Calculator

    Fire Glass Calculator

    Fireplace fire glass is a great modern alternative to lava rock. Use the Fire Glass Calculator to help determine how much you will need for your fireplace.

Gas Log Ideas & Advice

  • Dress Up Your Hearth

    Dress Up Your Hearth

    Turn your fireplace into a masterpiece with gas log accessories and a few extras to customize your own look to match your home's style.

  • Advantages Of Gas Logs

    Advantages Of Gas Logs

    Gas Logs provide all of the advantages of having a fireplace in your home without any of the hassles that come with burning wood.

  • Which Fireplace is Right For Me?

    Which Fireplace is Right For Me?

    Inviting, warm, and the focal point of your living space, fireplaces have long been a necessity in the home. See our comparisons to determine which one is right for you!

  • How to Install Gas Logs

    How to Install Gas Logs

    Our experts teach you everything you need to know to safely install your new gas log set.

Gas Log Comparison Charts

  • Gas Log Warranty Charts

    Gas Log Warranty Comparison

    We've taken the top gas log brands and compared the warranty details of each one. Take a look and decide which gas log brand is right for you!

  • Remote Control Features Chart

    Remote Control Features Chart

    Learn more about what remote controls will be compatible with your gas logs set in your fireplace.

  • Remote Control Compatibility Chart

    Remote Control Compatibility Chart

    Read on to find out from several brands of remotes, which ones will work with each brand of gas logs.

  • Wall Switch Chart

    Wall Switch Chart

    This is were you will find useful information about wall switches that are designed to work only with certain brands of gas logs for your fireplace.

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