Grill Masters Share Their Skills

Sharpen your knives! Master Grillabilities teaches extraordinary BBQ from grilling personalities with incredible stories. You’ve already read our Basic and Advanced Grillabilities lessons, where we took you from nosh novice to backyard boss — and now it’s time to get your grilling game to mastery level. Hosted by a diverse, inclusive team of rising superstar chefs with unique professional experiences, the Master Grillabilities series features eye-popping barbecue and grilling recipes through a master’s lens. You’ll learn finer cuisine techniques, fresh culinary perspectives, and how the serious grill masters do it. Study for yourself, step-by-step, how veteran BBQ titans fundamentally approach the art of grill mastery, providing their key insights and unique cultural viewpoints. Watch the experts hard at work in front of the camera, or read the companion interviews, recipe transcripts, and Master Grillability articles. Featured BBQ masters include Travel Channel alumni Danielle “Diva Q” Bennett, Netflix’s “American BBQ Showdown” audience favorite Rasheed Philips, former South African ambassador and celebrity chef Kenneth Temple, and many more to come.

Master Skills for Master Grillers

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