Eli Manning’s Outdoor Kitchen Dream Team

Eli Manning's Outdoor Kitchen Island with Blaze Professional LUX built-in gas grill
Eli Manning's Outdoor Kitchen Island with Blaze Professional LUX built-in gas grill

As someone who was Born to Grill™, I’ve spent countless hours practicing the craft and searching for ways to improve my outdoor lifestyle. So when I first started planning my outdoor kitchen with BBQGuys’ 3D design team, I knew I wanted a fully functional space that allowed me to spend more time doing what I was born to do. Choosing to pair my grill with a power burner alongside refrigeration and storage was the easy part; picking the specific products was where things got a little difficult.

That’s when I returned to my football roots and began scouting the available options. After "studying the film", I was able to hone in on the components that aligned with my vision of the perfect outdoor kitchen. Below you’ll find the scouting reports on my selections, complete with quick breakdowns of what made them such great fits for my outdoor space — and why they could make sense for yours, too.

  • The highest-performing grill around, with features designed for a luxury grilling experience. Commercial-grade materials and a best-in-class warranty make it a grill for life.

    • Temperature Control

    • High Heat

    • Instant Ignition

    • Fast Preheat

    Benefits of Gas Grills

  • Durability won’t ever be an issue. Efficient and versatile with a small footprint. Great for frying fish, boiling seafood, making wok stir fry, preparing sauces, and much more.

    • Multi-Tasking

    • Space for Sides

    • Backup Burner

    • Separate Temp Control

    Benefits of Side Burners

  • Keeps food and condiments nearby, preventing trips inside. Durably designed and outdoor-rated for years of use in the elements. Digital controls make managing temperature easy.

    • Larger Parties

    • Convenient Storage

    • Great for Families

    • Bulk Savings

    Benefits of Outdoor Refrigeration

  • Combo unit saves space, giving access to gas lines and storage. Double drawers house extra accessories and dinnerware. 304-grade stainless steel exteriors are built to last.

    • Dry Storage

    • Stay Organized

    • Space-Saving

    • Design Theme

    Benefits of Outdoor Kitchen Storage

Essential Outdoor Kitchen Components

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    There you have it, my outdoor kitchen draft picks brought to life with help from the BBQGuys 3D design team. It bears mentioning that those renderings weren’t just a perk of being a Chief Commercial Makin’ Guy — the service is free for any BBQGuys customer. The team has served as a knowledgeable resource for more than 10,000 homeowners, working within their budgets to find solutions. Whether you incorporate my scouting reports into your outdoor kitchen project or build your own draft board, let BBQGuys help you make your outdoor living dreams a reality.

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