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Electric Grills (36 Items)

Electric Grills: The Perfect BBQ Solution for Many

Electric BBQ grills have come a long way in the last decade. Today’s options rival their charcoal or gas counterparts, and their simplicity and versatility make them an excellent alternative to traditional grills. There are several advantages to using an electric grill, as listed below.

  • Environmentally Friendly — Cooking over an open flame has a reputation for damaging the environment, but post mount electric BBQ grills are a great way to cook outdoors without having to burn gas or create smoke. Also, you won’t have to dispose of charcoal ash when cooking with this fuel type.

  • Space Requirements — While a portable electric grill can meet the demands of a small space, an electric grill doesn’t have to be tiny. You may have plenty of space for a traditional grill, but local codes or your landlord might require you to use a grill with no open flame. In cases like this, a freestanding electric grill may be better for your needs.

  • Taste and Convenience — Electric grills allow you to experience the pure flavors of meats and vegetables without the added taste of lighter fluid. If you enjoy grilling foods with subtle flavors like herb-encrusted fish or using delicate aromatics in your rubs or brines, then an outdoor electric grill may be perfect for you. That doesn’t mean electric grills can’t achieve great smoky flavors — most are compatible with flavored wood chips!

  • Control — Many models offer very fast heating times and high adjustability, giving you precise heat control. No more waiting around for charcoal to light! Just turn on your electric barbecue grill, set your temperature, and get grilling.

  • Versatility — Modern electric grills come in a wide range of configurations and sizes. Because they don’t use an open flame or a traditional fuel source, most models are easy to bring along for outdoor events like tailgating or a vacation. You also have the option of a built-in electric grill rather than a portable one you keep in the storage closet.

  • Ease of Cleanup — Outdoor electric grills are easy to use and easy to clean, with no ashes or spent fuel sources to worry about. Simply brush the grates after each use as you would with any other grill, then enjoy the added convenience of the removable drip trays found in many models.

No matter your reasons for going electric, the experts at BBQGuys® are here to help with any questions you may have. You can reach us seven days a week by calling 1-877-743-2269 for help finding the electric barbecue grill that will best suit your needs and keep you grilling for years to come.