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Electric Grills  (52 Items)

Electric Grills: The Perfect BBQ Solution for Many

Electric bbq grills have come a long way in the last decade. The available options today can rival that of their charcoal or gas counterparts. Simplicity, versatility, and limited space requirements make them an excellent alternative to traditional grills. If you don’t have the space needed or just can’t use gas or charcoal in your home, condo, or apartment, why not make your grill electric? Check out these advantages to using an electric grill.

  • Taste and Convenience- Electric grills allow you to experience the pure flavor of your meats or vegetables without the added taste of lighter fluid. If you enjoy grilling foods with subtle flavors like herb encrusted fish or using delicate aromatics in your rubs or brines, then an electric outdoor grill may be perfect for you. You can use flavored wood chips to add the smoke flavor of your choice when using an electric grill.

  • Control- Many models offer very fast heating times and high adjustability, allowing for precision heat control. No more waiting around for charcoal to light! Just turn on your electric barbeque, set your temperature, and get to grilling.

  • Versatility- Modern electric grills come in a wide range of configurations and sizes. From portable electric grills to extra-large 48 inch Electri-Chef models, has the largest selection of freestanding, built-in, pedestal, and tabletop electric grills. Because electric barbeques do not use an open flame or a traditional fuel source, most models are very easy to bring along for outdoor events (think “tailgating hero”) or vacations.

  • Ease of Cleanup- Electric grills are easy to use and easy to cleanup, with no ashes or spent fuel sources to worry about. Simply brush the grates after use as you would with any other grill, and enjoy the added convenience of the removable drip trays available in many models.

No matter what your reason for going electric, the experts at BBQGuys are here to help with any questions you have. You can reach us 7 days a week at 877-743-2269 for help finding the electric barbeque grill that will best suit your needs and keep you grilling for years to come.