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Best Electric BBQ Smokers for 2021

  • BBQGuys Reviews the Top Electric Smokers

    For the true BBQ lover, there is nothing better than the incredible smoky aroma and juicy tenderness of meats cooked low and slow in a smoker. We know that choosing the right smoker can be a difficult task with so many styles and fuel types available today. There are many types of smokers on the market, and all of them take varying levels of knowledge and skill to operate successfully. If you love the taste and tenderness of smoked meat but are limited by your outdoor space, local regulations, smoking experience or knowledge, then an electric BBQ smoker may be the perfect solution for you. Electric smokers are simple and safe to operate, self-regulating, maintain heat beautifully and produce impressive results. They have the added benefit of maintaining low temperatures, allowing you to cold smoke unlike touchier charcoal models. At BBQGuys, we’ve been operating and testing all types of smokers for over 20 years. In order to help you narrow your search, we’ve compiled this list of the best electric smokers based on durability, features and ease of use.

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Best Electric BBQ Smokers

Best Vertical Electric Smokers Under $1000

    • Digital controller allows you to set cook time duration at programmed temperature
    • LED panel displays the cooking temperature as well as the internal meat temperature
    • Double-walled stainless steel construction provides superior heat retention
    • 850 degree Spin-Glass insulation keeps smoker safe and cool to the touch
    • Nickel-plated shelves are large enough to fit full slabs of ribs or whole briskets
    • All Cookshack smokers are proudly manufactured in the United States

    Cookshack Electric Smokers Expert Review

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    • Manual control knob holds temperature at set level for consistency
    • Temperature range of 100–250 degrees for low-and-slow smoking
    • Stainless steel exterior for durability in the outdoors
    • Double-walled construction enhances heat insulation for better smokes
    • 3 adjustable shelves included for cooking versatility
    • Stainless steel drip pan makes cleanup nearly effortless

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    • Manual control knob has 3 temperature settings for precise smoking
    • Sliding access door allows you to change water and fuel levels with ease
    • Constructed from stainless steel to remain sturdy in outdoor settings
    • Built-in temperature gauge keeps track of temperature level for you
    • Included pair of adjustable cooking grids gives you more cooking control
    • Proudly manufactured in the USA

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