The Skinny:

  • Old-fashioned BBQ cooking gives food a wood-smoked taste
  • Easy-to-use function lets anyone become a smoking master
  • ANSI/NSF-4 certified and ETL-rated for commercial use

Things We Love:

Smoking Made Easy

Doesn’t Smokin Tex just sound like a company that knows its way around BBQ? We thought so too, and the Smokin Tex 1500-C Electric Smoker lived up to our expectations. This model is designed for a simple smoking experience that allows you to spend more time enjoying the company of friends and family without having to constantly supervise your food.

Just plug it in, place your wood inside the smoker, arrange your food on the racks, shut the door, and set the temperature. The Smokin Tex 1500-C will take care of the rest, steadily maintaining temperatures between 100 and 250°F to create authentic, wood-smoked BBQ flavors! Plus, as this unit is mobile, you can smoke in whatever outdoor space can safely accommodate it. And with a three-year warranty, you can do so with peace of mind for all the many cookouts to come.

Superior Construction

When we say this Smokin Tex model is built like a tank, we mean it. It features durable stainless steel throughout to weather the elements, plus double-walled insulation that both traps heat and makes the exterior cool to the touch while in use. This design helps create a no-draft cooking environment for moist and tender results that’ll leave your guests coming back for more.

Depending on how much food you load into the smoker, you can use one or both of the 700-watt heating elements. For even more flexibility, the Smokin Tex 1500-C comes with five 18-inch-by-18-inch cooking shelves that can be placed in any of the eight available positions and accommodate up to 80 pounds of food. And if you want some surf with your turf, try the similarly sized seafood grill to expand your menu with deliciously smoked fish. Even cleanup is a breeze thanks to the stainless steel drip pan and dishwasher-safe cooking racks.

Commercial-grade for Use in Restaurants

We can’t guarantee the Smokin Tex 1500-C will make you a professional chef, but we do know the pros have used it to prepare expertly smoked foods. This model is built to withstand frequent use and rough handling, while its heavy-duty caster wheels make it a perfect choice for restaurants. With an ETL rating for commercial applications and an ANSI/NSF-4 certification, you can be confident this Smokin Tex electric smoker has the power and construction to meet even the toughest demands.

Things To Consider:

While this smoker doesn’t have some of the bells and whistles found on modern, high-tech smokers, it’s among the most durable and functional models on the market today. There are, however, many optional accessories available, like a well-fitting cover, cold smoke plate, and a deflector plate.

Keep in mind that you’ll need a 1,400-watt, 12-amp, 120-volt power source to operate this unit. If you have any other questions about the Smokin Tex 1500-C electric smoker, call one of our BBQ experts at 1-855-901-2050 today!