Best Outdoor Ice Makers for 2021

  • Which Outdoor Ice Maker is Right for You?

    We’ve all been on the way to a big party or cookout, just minutes away from the destination, when that dreaded text buzzes on the phone: “Can you pick up ice?” The only thing worse than receiving that request is having to send it, and the only thing worse than that is having to make a run for ice in the middle of a party. All that fuss over ice, when you could’ve just had an outdoor ice maker take care of it for you this whole time!

    Only the best will do for our customers, so our experts took the time to sort our collection of ice makers and give you a clearer picture of which models stand above the rest. After more than 20 years of testing and selling every type of outdoor living product on the market, our experts have landed on an airtight system of evaluating them according to their quality, performance, and features. They applied that methodology to every single outdoor ice maker in our inventory, giving our finest models the chance to rise to the top. With one of our top-rated outdoor ice makers in your backyard, emergency trips to the store for ice will be a thing of the past.

    • Stainless steel door panel and cabinet are ideal for outdoor kitchen applications
    • Outdoor-approved and a great addition for entertaining guests outside
    • Taste-free, slow-melting nugget ice perfect for cooling beverages
    • Includes a built-in drain pump for installation without a nearby floor drain
    • Uses 40% less energy and 50% less water than conventional ice machines
    • Total storage capacity: 26 pounds
    • Daily ice production: 80 pounds
    • Minimal water consumption with an average of 3 gallons per day
    • Analog on / off switch on the front panel lets you suspend ice production outside of use
    • Removable ice bin allows easier access to hard to reach areas, making cleaning a breeze
    • Field reversible door allows you to swap the hinge to suit any location
    • No need for a drain on this product due to the ice being kept at sub-freezing temperatures
    • Total storage capacity: 25 pounds
    • Daily ice production: 25 pounds
    • Constructed from durable stainless steel to stand up to the elements
    • Energy Star certification ensures efficient operation and savings on your electric bill
    • In-line water filter & percolating cold plate provide clean ice production
    • Digital temperature control concealed behind door for additional protection
    • Reversible door hinge can adapt to suit your specific installation needs
    • Total storage capacity: 25 pounds
    • Daily ice production: 50 pounds

Still unsure which Outdoor Ice Machine is right for you? Give one of our knowledgable outdoor living experts a call at 1-877-743-2269 for the answers to any outdoor refrigeration questions you may have.

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