Best Patio Bar Sets for 2022

  • What Kind of Patio Bar Set Should You Buy?

    To pick the best outdoor bar set for your patio, there are many options to choose from – set size, material, height, types of bar tables, cushions and more. Don’t forget to take into account how much space you have to work with, if you regularly have company or parties and what style fits best with your patio. Bar sets are great for smaller outdoor spaces while our party bar sets are perfect if you entertain often. Our panel of experts is here to help you find the best bar set for your needs, budget and style. To ensure you’ll be happy with your bar set, we’ve come up with a list of the best patio bar sets by material and used the following categories to base it on:

    • Value - Price should not be the only factor in determining the value of a patio bar set. We also take into consideration the construction, quality of materials, design and combination of features to determine the value.

    • Durability - We look at the quality of construction, materials, amount of upkeep required and ability to handle outdoor elements to determine how durable a patio bar set is. Even though all of our furniture is made to be used outdoors, some materials handle the elements better than others and don’t require as much care. To learn more, read our Guide to Outdoor Furniture Materials and Patio Furniture Cleaning Guides.

    • Features - There are different features of bar sets to consider such as types of tables (outdoor party bar or bar table), cushions included (along with the type of fabric), bar stool features (backless, armless, swivel, etc.) and height (counter height vs. bar height). Some features will determine whether or not a particular bar set is the one for you.

    • Height - Bar sets come in counter height and bar height options. For counter height sets, the tables are 31 – 39 inches high while the bar stools typically range from 21 – 27 inches. For bar height sets, the tables range from 40 – 49 inches high and the bar stools are 28 – 33 inches.

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Best Aluminum Patio Bar Sets

Noted for their rustproof and corrosion-resistant properties, cast and extruded aluminum are among our most popular outdoor materials. Heavier, sturdier cast aluminum patio bar sets are molded from molten aluminum and cast into solid pieces; this results in furniture with more detailed designs that won't blow over in windy environments. On the other hand, extruded aluminum patio bar sets are lighter, more easily moved, and always more affordable, as their base material is forced through a die into extruded tubing. Either aluminum style results in beautiful, tough furniture with minimal maintenance involved that will last in most climates.

Best Wicker Patio Bar Sets

While wicker patio furniture varies interms of color and style, each item has a few things in common: they’re weather-resistant, don’t absorb moisture, won’t split or crack, and are easy to clean. Our mixed-material wicker patio bar sets are on trend and come in many styles and finishes to match whatever look you’ve selected for your outdoor space. Perhaps best of all, resin wicker is notable for its strength in coastal environments where salty ocean air would wreck other materials.

Best Sling Patio Bar Sets

Punching up your poolside patio? Our sling patio bar sets are a great choice for such settings, and that’s without factoring in the variety of colors and mixed-material options that help you customize your look. Well-tensioned sling is extremely durable, drains easily, dries quickly, and cleans easily — making for a low-maintenance addition to your outdoor space. As a bonus, these bar stools are so naturally comfortable that they don’t require cushions and their extra upkeep.

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