Best Outdoor Kegerators

  • Which Outdoor Kegerator is Right for You?

    Your college partying days may be behind you, but that doesn’t mean you can’t get solid usage from a keg. In fact, there’s plenty to love about kegs! Buying in bulk always saves money over time, and drinking from a keg means you’ll have fewer bottles and cans to trash after a night spent cheersing on your patio. Still, odds are you don’t want your backyard to resemble a frat house with a keg just left lying around, and beer in a tapped keg goes bad in as few as 8 hours. An outdoor kegerator, however, can solve all those problems. The beer will last much longer — as long as 120 days when pasteurized — and stay ice cold inside a stylish and durable outdoor kegerator.

    But which one is right for you? Why not start your search with “the best one?” Our experts have already done the hard work of picking out a few of those for you, using each kegerator’s quality, performance, and features as a litmus test. That’s how they’ve done things for more than 20 years testing and selling outdoor living products, and they’re not about to stop now! So, why don’t you take advantage of that wealth of experience and browse our top-rated outdoor kegerators?

    • Ample space for multiple slim kegs to be used with the double-tap system
    • 304-grade stainless steel construction is as durable as it is sleek
    • Precisely control temperatures with the digital thermostat and internal fan
    • Front-venting unit allows for built-in or freestanding installation
    • Included lock keeps kegs secure for worry-free storage
    • Maximum Keg Size: Half Barrel
    • Temperature Range: 32 - 50 Degrees
    • Digital convection cooling system allows for precise temperature control
    • Can also be conveniently used as a beverage cooler instead of a keg
    • Outdoor-rated for consistent operation in most outdoor environments
    • Stainless steel exterior will withstand heat, corrosion, and humidity
    • Double tap can be used with 1 quarter, slim barrel and 1 sixth barrel
    • Maximum Keg Size: Quarter Barrel
    • Temperature Range: 34 - 60 Degrees
    • Weatherproof design meets UL guidelines for durability and outdoor longevity
    • Stainless steel wrapped door with a professional handle for durability and elegance
    • Digital thermostat for precise and even temperature control from top to bottom
    • Tap kit includes a 5 lb. CO2 tank, regulator, draft arm, Sankey Tap, and connection hardware
    • Interior stainless steel floor cover protects refrigerator from scuffing when changing kegs
    • Maximum Keg Size: Half Barrel
    • Temperature Range: 32 - 50 Degrees

Still unsure which Outdoor Beer Dispenser or Kegerator is right for you? Give one of our knowledgable outdoor living experts a call at 1-877-743-2269 for the answers to any outdoor refrigeration questions you may have.

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