Best Boat Grills for 2022

  • If you're truly Born to Grill™, chances are that few things can stop you from cracking those tongs to churn the meanest kebabs around. Thanks to the latest in cutting-edge barbecue technology, there's one less hurdle between you and spontaneous cheeseburgers — and one more place to defy the laws of physics. Introducing: boat grills! With a dedicated boat grill model designed specifically for seafaring searing, you're free to flip those burgers on rivers, lakes, bayous, and even the open seas! If you've got a boat and wish to join the next stage in grilling greatness, follow our industry experts' recommendations below and pick the best boat grill on the market today. If you don't have a boat... hey, what if you got a boat?

    • Quality This time, building a great grill alone doesn’t cut it. Qualifying top-rated boat grills must be built from superior materials specifically engineered to withstandthe full elements of days spent deep-sea fishing — and hearty warranties to back them up.

    • Performance What good is a grill at sea if it doesn’t hit (and maintain) reasonable peak temperatures? Our top-rated boat grills are the cream of the crop; we expect best-in-class performance in breezy conditions where portable grills just can’t compare.

    • Features We don’t just hand out top-rated classification. The best boat grills go above and beyond with great features, covering everything from warming racks andinfrared radiant screens to swiveling control valves for safe canister exchange.

    • Value Narrowing in on a boat grills’ value means intersecting its quality, performance, and features with the price tag. You shouldn’t have to break the bank for your next grill — which is why our top-rated offerings must match great craftsmanship with affordability.

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Best Overall Boat Grills

Best Overall Portable Boat Grills

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