5 Easy Steps for an Outdoor Hygge Experience

Your outdoor space should feel just as cozy as your favorite indoor room. Maybe you’ve heard the Danish word Hygge (pronounced hoo-ga). Translated, it means wellbeing or to comfort. Hygge is a way to feel connected to friends, family, and even yourself. Think of a warm fire, cozy socks, a soft blanket and a cup of milled cider- that’s hygge! Here are 5 simple ways to bring hygge to your home.

  1. Set the mood. Lighting is important so no bright lights! Light only with your firepit or fireplace and plenty of candles. If you have little ones, you can even use battery powered candles. Other options include gas lamps.
  2. Feel the comfort. Slip into a big comfy sweater, warm socks and your favorite cozy blanket. There is no such thing as too many pillows.
  3. Unplug. Put your phone and all the other electronics away and grab that book you’ve been putting off reading. Play board games or even take turns reading aloud with your family.
  4. Warm up your taste buds. Think hot tea, mulled wine, and cocoa. Divine chocolates or baked goods like fresh breads or cake. Homemade soups will surely hygge your belly.
  5. Be present. Savor the stillness and reconnect with yourself. Invite your friends and family to enjoy the warmth and peace.

Hygge is a feeling most of us have without even realizing. The challenge is to do it mindfully and make the ordinary more meaningful.

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