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Baton Rouge, Louisiana

  • Before building the outdoor space of their dreams, the Sharbaughs seriously considered purchasing a beach house. Many of their friends and clients owned beachfront condos, but the Sharbaughs knew they didn’t have the time or energy for enough beach trips to warrant a second property tax and utility bill. Yet their desire for a luxury outdoor lifestyle persisted, leading the couple to strongly contemplate buying a camp on the nearby Amite River in Southeast Louisiana. Again, the Sharbaughs weren’t sure they’d spend enough time on the water for such a purchase to be worth it.

    The solution to their outdoor living dilemma: creating a getaway resort in their own backyard.

  • With an outdoor kitchen, multiple seating areas, a cozy fireplace, and a pool fit for lounging, the Sharbaughs don’t have to drive 5 hours to the beach for a vacation retreat. The tiered outdoor space also offers plenty of privacy, which the family enjoyed in their previous backyard until a 2-story house cropped up in an adjacent lot. Now the Sharbaughs’ home has all the space and seclusion needed for fundraisers, wine tastings, or impromptu parties with a few friends.

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