Outdoor kitchen built into a white strutcture, with a pool in front of it

When Ryan Edmonds designs an outdoor kitchen, it’s typically installed on a home’s back patio. But this white-painted brick space is a backyard stand-alone structure separate from the home and the family had a specific goal in mind when putting it all together. “This family renovated an old house and there was no option for an outdoor kitchen on a back patio,” said Edmonds, a builder for Vertical Construction in Baton Rouge, Louisiana. “If you build something like this that’s not right up close to your house, then once you’re out there in the kitchen, you want to be able to stay out there."

Edmonds had to reconcile that reality with the property owner’s vision of an entertainment and cooking area by the pool. That’s why he prioritized spaciousness and storage while also including leathered granite countertops that can weather the elements and a fireplace for those cool fall and winter evenings. The result was a stunning and versatile outdoor kitchen a short distance from the home.

Primo kamado built into a nook in a white brick outdoor kitchen

Cook in the Nook

The American-made Primo ceramic grill represents one-third of this outdoor kitchen’s cooking power. It sits on a recessed small slab of Pennsylvania Bluestone — the same material surrounding the pool. The recessed nook makes the cooking grid level with the countertop and the Bluestone is more durable than brick. A few code-mandated covered outlets, normally used for margarita machines and phone chargers, can also be found throughout this outdoor kitchen.

Stainless steel grill built into a white brick cabinet, with American flags nearby

Make Grilling a Breeze

Edmonds said he often recommends the Blaze 32-Inch natural gas grill, and the four-burner model perfectly fit the owner’s needs. He also installed a side burner where the owner can keep side dishes and marinades warm while grilling the main attractions. This outdoor kitchen is notable for the Bahama shutter behind the grill rather than a usual overhead vent. Though Edmonds said a vent would’ve likely been cheaper, he opted for the shutter and few fans because the space had just a back wall. In our opinion, it only adds to the charm and airiness of this unique outdoor kitchen.

Large outdoor tv on a white brick wall, with American flag themed decorations

Zone Out and Tune In

Aside from the poolside grilling options, Edmonds believes this 55-inch Sealoc LED outdoor TV is what really drives home the outdoor kitchen’s entertainment capabilities. “Nothing says a good time better than sunshine, splashing in the water and the smell of good smoked meats along with some sports on the TV,” Edmonds said. “It’s the American Dream: You’ve worked hard all week and earned the right to celebrate.”

Small sink built into a quartz countertop

Rinse with Sense

The sink area is where Edmonds really had to start thinking about the logistics of a stand-alone outdoor kitchen. Because hauling grilling tools and plates inside to wash would be a hassle, the owners valued a sink that would allow them to clean everything without having to leave their outdoor paradise over one simply for hand-washing. The sink, which Edmonds said is relatively deep and wide and has access to both hot and cold water, backs up against a bar where family and friends can enjoy food hot off the grills.

Outdoor kitchen with stainless steel cabinet storage doors and grill

Store More

Storage is arguably the most important feature of a stand-alone space, so Edmonds made sure his customers had plenty of it. The convenient stainless steel drawers and doors provide ample room for grilling equipment, plates and bowls, paper towels, and anything else the owners could need to maximize their outdoor kitchen experience. “The key was to build big with as much storage room as you can so you don’t have to run back and forth into the house,” Edmonds said.

Family sitting at the bar in the outdoor kitchen, overlooking the pool

Poolside Paradise

No outdoor space is complete without luxurious furniture. For the owners of this outdoor kitchen, that meant a set of Carondelet chaise lounges, club chairs, and an umbrella that Edmonds said they found on BBQGuys.com. The quatrefoil design on the chaise lounges lends a touch of extra sophistication to this outdoor room, which proves that a stand-alone space can be just as enjoyable as a traditional back patio setting.