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Outdoor TVs

What Makes an Outdoor TV Different?

The Outdoor TVs we offer are premium models that have been engineered and weather-protected to be used outdoors. Outdoor viewing requires features not found in the TVs inside your home, and outdoor TV’s are specifically designed to provide a better viewing experience for your patio entertaining needs. As they are asked to endure an environment much harsher than an indoor TV, many outdoor TV’s have a higher price tag. There’s no compromising on the durability, strength, and luxury of an outdoor-rated television.

Also, outdoor TVs come equipped with a remote control that is outdoor-safe!

Sunlight & Outdoor TVs

The displays on outdoor TV’s reduce glare with LED panels, resulting in a crisper picture under natural outdoor lighting conditions. For best results, mount your outdoor TV under shade if possible, and face your outdoor TV north to further reduce glare from the sun throughout the day.

Weather & Outdoor TVs

Outdoor TVs have been treated with weather-resistant materials and technologies to help them endure the extremes that don’t exist in the typical family room. While immersion in water or full exposure to a driving storm is never a good idea, an outdoor-approved TV will handle the increased humidity, salt air, high and low temperatures, and occasional splashes with no trouble. In addition, outdoor TVs are built to prevent insect infestation. We recommend having an outdoor tv cover on hand to provide extra protection when your TV is not in use.

Outdoor TVs & Boats

Due to their ability to handle high humidity, salt air, and the occasional splash if you want to install a TV on a boat, particularly if your boat is on salt water, the use of an outdoor TV is highly recommended.

Smart Outdoor TVs

As with their indoor counterparts, Smart Outdoor TVs have built-in internet connectivity, allowing them to access a wide array of services. Many Smart Outdoor TVs also allow operation via a smartphone app.

Outdoor Theater Systems

Available with inflatable screens from 9’ to 20’, Outdoor Theater Systems make it possible to enjoy video with many of your closest friends! Sometimes called Backyard Theaters, these packages include a high-definition projector, outdoor powered speakers, and a Blu-ray player with an audio mixer.

Outdoor TV Warranties

Indoor TV manufacturers specifically prohibit outdoor use, which voids the warranty. All of our outdoor TVs are either built specifically for outdoor use, or are TVs reengineered for outdoor use, and all have outdoor use warranties.