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Best Natural Gas Grills for 2020

  • When researching a natural gas grill, we know it can be difficult to determine which one will fit your needs and budget best – we have hundreds on our site alone! Whether you are looking for a new natural gas grill to fit your home’s natural gas utility line, or want to replace an old post-mounted or freestanding natural gas grill, we have the grill that’s right for you.

    Many Americans have cherished traditions of gathering around a post-mounted natural gas grill with family, as the smell of hot dogs and burgers fill the air. With over 20 years of experience grilling on every type of natural gas grill, we understand how important it is to carry on those traditions while creating new memories with family and friends. With that in mind, our experts at BBQGuys have created this list of the best freestanding and post-mounted natural gas grills, based on the following factors:

    • Durability - Durability is determined by several factors – from the quality and thickness of the grill parts & materials used in construction, to how well the flame tamer system protects the grill’s burners. Many of the gas grills on this list are constructed from high grade materials like 304 commercial grade stainless steel or rust-proof cast aluminum. Most on this list have excellent warranties and some are even backed for a lifetime.

    • Performance - How well a grill performs depends on numerous factors: high heat capability, even heat distribution, wide temperature range, and minimal flare-ups. When we tested these grills at our BBQGuys showroom, they scored well in these categories, which has earned them a spot on our list.

    • Popularity - Over the years, we have collected a great deal of feedback from over 500,000 customers nationwide on how well these grills operate under different conditions and using various cooking methods. When choosing the natural gas grills for this list, we considered which grills are well-respected within the BBQ industry, loved by our experts, and backed by customer feedback. You can feel confident that these natural gas grills have proven themselves to be top performers time and time again.

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Best Overall Natural Gas Grills

Best Natural Gas Grills Under $1500

    • Jetfire ignition system safely and reliably lights every time
    • SafetyGlow backlit control knobs when burner is lit
    • Four stainless steel tube burners
    • Double-walled hood features an Accu-Probe temperature gauge
    • Side shevles with utensil holder and double door cart for storage
    • Each stainless steel tube main burner supplies 12,000 BTU's
    • Also available in Propane fuel type
    • Comes pre-assembled for immediate grilling after unboxing
    • Heat control grids distribute heat evenly across grilling surface
    • Interior halogen grill lights let you cook late into the night
    • Interchangeable burners and accessories for extreme customizability
    • Each cast stainless steel Infinity burner produces 20,000 BTU's
    • Also available in Built-In configuration
    • Also available in Propane fuel type
    • Heavy 9mm stainless steel cooking rods create excellent sear marks
    • Motion activated handle light keeps you grilling day or night
    • 12,000 BTU side burner gives additional cooking versatility
    • Cast aluminum fire box and hood end caps are incapable of rusting
    • iGrill 3 compatible for wireless smartphone meat probe monitoring
    • Each stainless steel main burner delivers 13,000 BTU's
    • Also available in Propane fuel type

Best Post-Mounted Natural Gas Grills

Post-mounted natural gas grills are iconic to American BBQ tradition, and many families still enjoy cooking on post mounted grills today. These BBQ grills look great on a patio or deck, and make a nice addition to small outdoor spaces. We’ve made your search easier with this list of great looking and top performing post mounted natural gas grills that you’re sure to love.

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