Best Gas Grills Under $1,000 for 2021

Best Gas Grills Under $1,000

Best Gas Grills Under $750

    • Simple, worry-free startup with Jetfire ignition and crossover lighting
    • Grill hood features Accu-Probe temperature gauge to keep you informed
    • Features Napoleon’s iconic wave-shaped, porcelainized cast iron grids
    • Dual-Level stainless steel sear plates control flare-ups and keep food moist
    • Cart has tool hooks, folding side shelves, a propane tank stabilizer, and more
    • 570 square inches of cooking area for feeding the family and then some

    Item Details
    • Four 12,000-BTU burners built from 304 stainless steel for durability
    • Four 304 stainless steel flame tamers reduce flare-ups and enhance flavor
    • 15,000-BTU infrared side burner consistently puts perfect crusts on steak
    • Push-to-start electronic ignition quickly and easily lights each burner
    • Stainless steel cart features 2 storage doors and 4 wheels for mobility
    • 615 square inches of cooking area is more than enough to feed a crowd

    Item Details
    • Porcelain-enameled cast iron cooking grates retain heat and stop sticking food
    • Battery-powered electronic crossover ignition reliably lights each burner
    • Stainless steel Flavorizer bars reduce flare-ups while adding flavor
    • Stainless steel side tables offer prep space and a place to hang grill tools
    • Fully enclosed cart provides storage for your accessories or propane tank
    • 529 square inches of cooking area enables you to grill for the gang

    Item Details