Best Flat Top Grills and Griddles for 2021

  • Which Flat Top Grill or Griddle Should You Buy?

    Do you enjoy outdoor entertaining? While just about any grill is a great way to both delight and feed guests in an outdoor setting, flat top grills and griddles offer a new level of entertainment possibilities. Also known as gas griddles, teppanyaki grills, planchas, or hibachis, these appliances have large cooking surfaces that are open for all guests to see, unlike a traditional grill where their view may be blocked by a lid. Flat top grills are also evenly heated and provide great versatility, allowing you to cook fun dishes like breakfast, fajitas, and stir fry while friends and family watch. How’s that for outdoor entertainment?

    To help you find your new entertainment station, we asked our team of experts to compile a list of our best flat top grills based on their quality, performance, and features. This is a fairly small category of grills, but we’ve seen our share of griddles while testing and selling grills over the past 20-plus years. With models from popular brands like Lynx, Blaze, and Fire Magic, you can be confident each gas griddle we’ve picked will meet your outdoor living needs.

Best Built-In Flat Top Grills & Gas Griddles

Built-In Flat Top Grills & Griddles are a great addition to any outdoor kitchen. They allow for versatile cooking of virtually any food, including seafood, steaks, and vegetables. Integrating a flat top grill into your outdoor kitchen provides both convenience and flexibility.

Best Freestanding Flat Top Gas Grills & Griddles

If you’re looking for a freestanding flat top gas grill with top of the line quality and construction, these grills are for you! Full of innovative features and designed for high performance cooking, these grills pack an unmatched punch. Offering the most versatility in configuration options, you’ll be able to find the right grill for your specific needs.