Best Napoleon Gas Grills for 2022

  • What Napoleon gas grill should you buy?

    Napoleon is one of the most recognizable North American grilling companies. Napoleon gas grills are innovative, high quality, and provide great value for the money. Innovation is evident in the technology Napoleon has implemented into their grills. Napoleon’s exclusive “lift-ease” lid makes opening and closing the lid a breeze, the foldable shelves make the grills compact and easy to store, and the Jetfire ignition employs a flamethrower starter, making grilling truly simple.

    Napoleon BBQ grill grates have a signature wave design to help distribute heat evenly. They also stop small pieces of food from falling through the grates and onto the burners or flame tamers. The unique wave design also delivers killer sear marks on whatever you’re cooking up.

    When it comes to quality, Napoleon is one of the best. Constructed from stainless steel, you’ll be grilling on your Napoleon for many years to come. Napoleon also offers great warranty options. These gas grills are built to last.

Best Freestanding

Freestanding Napoleon gas grills offer both versatility and convenience. Since freestanding grills are on carts with wheels, they can be transported around your backyard or to a completely new location like a friend’s house or a tailgate party. You can set up shop anywhere – all you need is a tank of gas.

Best Built-In

Built-in Napoleon gas grills are the perfect option for integrating into your outdoor kitchen. The seamless addition of a built-in gas grill increases your outdoor kitchen’s value, making a great centerpiece for outdoor entertainment.