Best Commercial Patio Heaters for 2023

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Best Electric Ceiling & Wall Mount Commercial Patio Heaters

These electric patio heaters are extremely fuel efficient. They can convert up to 90% of electric input energy into infrared heat. This is almost 50% more efficient than most gas heaters, and can make a big difference in the cost of heating large outdoor areas.

Best Gas Ceiling & Wall Mount Commercial Patio Heaters

These gas patio heaters have very high heat output, and can warm a larger area than their electric counterparts. Since it will require less heaters to efficiently cover your outdoor space, your initial investment will be much lower to heat the same sized area.

Best Freestanding Commercial Patio Heaters

These freestanding commercial patio heaters have the added benefit of mobility, which means you can store them in warmer seasons to reclaim valuable floor space in your business or easily move them to heat different areas of a venue during events.

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