Best Outdoor TVs for 2021

  • What to Look for in an Outdoor Television

    Picture this: the sun’s beaming, the water’s fine, and your showstopper grub is a hit. Your phone buzzes one last time — your whole fantasy league is riding on this game, and it’s on in 15. That’s a sharp deadline to finish that last round of burgers, check on other guests, dry off, and huddle down with fresh beers and jerseys in the den. Do you really want to pry your party from the poolside?

    Outdoor TVs have a simple response: don’t! Unlike regular indoor televisions, the best outdoor TVs have brighter screens and can easily handle high humidity, extreme temperatures, and saline environments without breaking a sweat. Many can cast your favorite music playlists, vacation highlights, YouTube clips, and more. Ready to get started? You’re in the right place: our experts have already curated the very best outdoor TVs based on their quality, performance, and features.

    • Quality — For starters, full exposure resistance is a must for any quality outdoor TV. Our experts look for durable builds built to sizes over 60 inches, full sun or partial shade visibility, and serious weatherization. Specialized hydrophobic treatment is a fast track onto this list.

    • Performance — When you're enjoying the action outside, what use is grainy picture? Our experts look for HDR capability on 4K Ultra HD screens -- the sharpest picture on the market today.

    • Features — How'd you like your TV to handle the heavy lifting for you? While not a deal-breaker, we do prioritize smart TV features that help you pull up your favorite streaming apps without figuring out how to work in (and protect) a separate digital receiver box.

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Best 2160p 4K Ultra HD Outdoor TVs

Four times the detail of 1080p, televisions with 2160p 4K Ultra HD resolution are the best outdoor TVs on the market. The images are sharper and lines are smoother. They may cost more than lower resolution televisions, but the exquisite picture makes the extra cost worth it. Some of these TVs are also HDR (or high dynamic range) which takes it a step further – they have a larger color range so you can enjoy vivid colors, higher contrast and brighter images. Enjoy your favorite show or the big game with an outdoor 4K Ultra HD TV.

    • 43–75-inch options to fit a variety of outdoor spaces
    • Designed for full-sun installation, which allows for more placement choices
    • Specialized hydrophobic treatment and external waterproofing shields internal components from the elements
    • Smart TV features allow you stream all your favorite apps
    • 4K Ultra HD picture quality gives a clear view even in the outdoors
    • Optional soundbar and universal remote available to perfect your outdoor setup

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    • TVs range from 43–75 inches to fit any outdoor space
    • Designed for partial-shade installation under your pergola or porch
    • Specialized hydrophobic treatment protects the internal components
    • Smart TV capability brings all your favorite streaming platforms outside
    • 4K Ultra HD picture quality for a brilliant display despite the elements
    • Optional soundbar and universal remote take your setup to the next level

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    • Comes in 43–75-inch options to meet your outdoor living needs
    • Built to be in full shade under your covered patio or outdoor kitchen
    • 4K Ultra HD Picture quality is great for game days and movie nights outside
    • Rust-proof aluminum casing brings extra physical protection to each TV
    • USB port available to help you set up different streaming devices
    • Optional mounts and dust covers offer customizability and protection

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