Best Charcoal Starters & Grill Lighters

  • Lighting Your Charcoal has Never Been Easier!

    Lighting charcoal isn't always easy... but why can't it be? Ditch those tricky, unwieldy charcoal chimneys. Forget synthetic lighter fluid. Our tenured charcoal grilling experts heartily recommend handheld charcoal lighters. They're the simpler, steadier way to light stubborn charcoal — without relying on potent additives that give your flavor profiles a chemical overhaul.

    Our best minds have come up with the following shortlist of the best charcoal starters and grill lighters based on their quality, performance, and features. Take a look at the latest and greatest in charcoal tech, and leave outdated twentieth-century fire-starting techniques back where they belong.

Top Rated Charcoal Starters

    • Automatic Ignition Program provides the right balance of heat and airflow
    • Max temperature of 1200 degrees Fahrenheit quickly lights charcoal
    • No need for fuel making this safe to use indoors and outdoors
    • Cordless operation makes it easy to take and use anywhere
    • Lights your fire in 60 seconds using only battery power
    • Can light charcoal fires up to 10 times on a single charge
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    • Safely and easily light your fuel with no chemicals
    • Eliminates the chemical taste of lighter fluid or gas in your food
    • Safety casing is cool to the touch just seconds after unit is turned off
    • Can quickly ignite charcoal, briquettes, wood, hardwood, pellets and more
    • Patented hot airstream process lights your charcoal in a matter of seconds
    • The lighter propels a hot airstream at 1256 degrees Fahrenheit
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    • Features an anti-flare and wind resistant design
    • Easy grip handle ensures your safety while in use
    • Flame adjustment knob allows you to easily control flame
    • For use with 14.1 oz, 16.4 oz and 16.92 oz propane bottles
    • Will work with any 1-inch thread propane cylinder
    • Includes a 1 year manufacturer warranty
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