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Best Outdoor Televisions

  • What Kind of Outdoor Television Should You Buy?

    Outdoor TVs are great for entertaining and enjoying the game on your patio. Unlike regular indoor televisions, they can easily handle high humidity, extreme temperatures and salt-air without breaking. Some can even handle full exposure to the elements! With that being said, there are many things to keep in mind when selecting an outdoor television, such as location of the TV, screen size, television brand, if you want a smart TV and if there is risk of physical damage (i.e. will you have children playing where the television will be?). There are also two different weatherproofing methods to consider: enclosures and nano-coating technology. An enclosure is a weatherproof external case that the television is inside that protects it from the elements as well as physical damage. With nano-coating, the inside components of the TV are treated with an exclusive conformal process that protects the television from humidity, salt-air and extreme temperatures. Silicone and 3M wrap are used on some nano-coated televisions to make them fully weatherproof to all elements including rain and snow, however, these TVs aren’t as durable to physical damage as the ones in enclosures. To make your selection easier, we have selected the best outdoor televisions and based our lists on the following:

    • Value - The value of an outdoor TV should not solely be based on price. We also take into account the type of television, screen size, picture resolution, picture quality (2160p is better than 1080p), weatherproofing method, and other features.

    • Placement - Where an outdoor television can be placed is another factor we consider. While all outdoor TVs are made to be used outside and can handle humidity, salt-air and extreme temperatures, some are made for full exposure and can handle the elements, while others are made to be under-cover only and shouldn’t get rained on. Full exposure TVs tend to be more expensive, however, you have more options for where you can put them.

    • Features - There are many features to consider when looking for an outdoor television: resolution, TV brand, brightness (some are only made for the shade), included accessories, if a soundbar is required, if it is a Smart TV and more. We take all specs and features of a TV into account when determining its value. To learn more, head on over to our Outdoor TV Buying Guide.

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Best 2160p 4K Ultra HD Outdoor Televisions

Four times the detail of 1080p, televisions with 2160p 4K Ultra HD resolution are the best outdoor TVs on the market. The images are sharper and lines are smoother. They may cost more than lower resolution televisions, but the exquisite picture makes the extra cost worth it. Some of these TVs are also HDR (or high dynamic range) which takes it a step further – they have a larger color range so you can enjoy vivid colors, higher contrast and brighter images. Enjoy your favorite show or the big game with an outdoor 4K Ultra HD TV.

Best 1080p Full HD Outdoor Televisions

1080p outdoor televisions deliver a full high-definition picture optimized for outdoor viewing. This resolution is also more budget friendly. These televisions have a much better picture than 720p TVs so you can be sure that you will be able to fully enjoy your favorite movie on your patio.

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