The Skinny:

  • Well-known brand name
  • Affordable price point
  • Reliable ignition system
  • Great accessories and storage features
  • Made in North America
  • Good warranty

Things We Love:

The Napoleon Prestige is a nice freestanding gas grill with innovative accessories and storage features. The Prestige series is available with an infrared rear burner and rotisserie. The P500 has an optional infrared “sizzle-zone” side burner. I love that when the side burner or ice bucket are not in use, the lid is flush - giving you full access to the side shelf space. You can also add a charcoal tray giving you different ways to cook. The Napoleon Prestige comes with blue backlit control knobs. The control knobs have SafetyGlow technology that changes the backlight color from blue to red when a burner is in use. I also really like Napoleon’s doubled lined “lift-ease” lid, which opens easily and helps hold in heat for optimal heat retention. The lid is hinged near the middle and, when open, adds hardly any depth to the back of the grill. This allows for easy placement in a variety of spaces.

Napoleon Prestige grills have stainless steel tube burners that are lit by a "Jetfire" electronic ignition. The P500 comes with stainless steel grates which have a patented wave design that creates unique sear marks to spread heat evenly, Napoleon has stainless steel sear plates. The plates also protect the burners and help reduce flare-ups.

The P500’s infrared “sizzle-zone” is a unique feature on this grill. Its grate is adjustable, allowing you to change the position of the grates. You can lower the grates to the burner for cooking with pots and pans as you would on a conventional side burner, or raise the grates to a higher position for searing meats like steak.

The Prestige 500 is also available in a built-in model, which would make a great centerpiece in your outdoor kitchen.

The warranty on the Prestige series is a standout in its class, having a lifetime warranty on the exterior housing, cooking grids, and porcelain enamel coated lid. Napoleon also boasts a 10 year + 5 warranty on their burners and flame tamers that provides replacement parts at a 50% of normal cost for 5 years after the 10 year warranty expires.

Available only for a limited time, consider Napoleon’s brand-new Phantom Prestige 500 gas grill. Everything you love about the Prestige 500 is here, but bathed in a sophisticated, stylish matte black finish. Love that reliable Napoleon JetFire electronic ignition? How about those four stainless steel tube burners topping out at a combined 48,000 BTUs? Even the 18,000 BTU rear infrared burner and 14,000 infrared side burner make it into this limited, special edition revision.

For all intents and purposes, this is the same grill with a phenomenal, unique design. But there are a few key upgrades: Phantom trades in stainless steel cooking grids for hardier cast stainless steel ones, at the cost of a mere 20 square inches of grilling space. (That’s a trade we’ll make any day.) Instead of stainless steel, the grill cart is now durable, rust and corrosion-resistant black steel. And, of course, that stainless finish has been swapped out for an eye-catching black design that’s sure to turn heads for seasons to come.

Thing To Consider:

While this grill is built tough, and backed by a strong warranty, Napoleon Prestige grills are not "all stainless steel", which is what many customers are shopping for nowadays. Along with the stainless steel components on the grill, you will also find cast aluminum and porcelain enameled steel components too, such as cart legs, back panels, etc.