Best Outdoor Compact Refrigerators under $1,000

  • Find the Best Outdoor Refrigerator for Your Money

    Your indoor kitchen wouldn’t be complete without a refrigerator, so why shouldn’t your outdoor kitchen have a refrigerator of its own? Without one, you’d be spending way more time digging through your indoor fridge for meat, condiments, and drinks than enjoying the outdoor space you worked so hard to create. And don’t even think about dragging an indoor unit onto the patio and calling it a day — those appliances aren’t built to withstand the elements and harsh temperatures swings that are all too common outdoors. Outdoor refrigerators are special kinds of appliances, but they don’t have to cost a fortune.

    That’s why our team of experts put together this list of top-rated outdoor compact refrigerators under $1,000 based on their quality, performance, and features. Whether you plan to heavily invest elsewhere in your outdoor kitchen — a Luxury gas grill, maybe? A whole set of BBQ island storage, perhaps? — or just want to keep overall costs down, you’ll still be able to find a top-notch outdoor refrigerator to complete your space. Our experts have more than 20 years of experience testing and selling refrigeration products under their collective belt, so you won’t be steered wrong by any of these selections.

    • Stainless steel door & towel bar handle make a stylish addition to any outdoor kitchen island
    • Reversible door and front venting allow for easy zero-clearance, undercounter installations
    • Digital display control panel and automatic defrost for hassle-free temperature management
    • Cool blue LED interior lighting illuminates the refrigerators contents when door is open
    • 4 height-adjustable glass shelves give you a variety of storage options
    • Total storage capacity: 5.1 cubic feet
    • Temperature Range: 34 - 43 Degrees
    • Durable 304 grade stainless steel door sleeve and towel bar handle withstand the elements
    • Ajustable wire shelves allow you to store a larger variety of oddly-sized items
    • May be used in a built-in installation with adequate spacing for ventilation
    • Includes adjustable leveling legs for an exact fit and a door lock to secure contents
    • Refrigerator interior comes equipped with a halogen light for easy visibility
    • Total Storage Capacity: 4.5 cubic feet
    • Temperature Range: 34 - 42 Degrees
    • Premium Fire Magic design featuring a custom squared-edge stainless steel door
    • Built-in door lock to safely secure the contents of your refrigerator from children
    • Interior halogen lighting makes finding things in your refrigerator easy in the dark
    • Door includes built-in can storage and a fixed shelf which accommodates 2 liter bottles
    • May be installed in undercounter configuration with adequate space for ventilation
    • Total Storage Capacity: 4.0 cubic feet
    • Temperature Range: 35 - 44 Degrees

Still unsure which Outdoor Compact Refrigerator is right for you? Give one of our knowledgable outdoor living experts a call at 1-877-743-2269 for the answers to any outdoor refrigeration questions you may have.

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