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Best Kamado Grills in 2019

  • Egg-shaped Grills are Versatile & Efficient

    If you want a do-it-all charcoal grill, a kamado is the way to go. Kamado style cookers have been around for centuries and originated in Asia. Modern kamado BBQs can be used for grilling, smoking, or baking – so you technically get three grills in one! You can sear steak, smoke a brisket, make pizza, bake bread, or cook virtually anything. Their insulating properties and egg-like shape allow for great heat retention and a delicious smoky flavor. Enhance the smoky flavor even more by adding real wood to the fire. Not all kamado grills are built the same, or offer the same benefits. The best kamados are incredibly fuel efficient, cooking for hours without the need for additional charcoal. With these top quality kamado grills, temperature maintenance is made easy with thick insulation and smartly designed air control vents. Here at BBQGuys, we’ve been testing kamado grills for over 20 years. To help you in your search, we've compiled this list of the best Kamado grills based on overall durability, cooking versatility, and available accessories.

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Best Overall Kamado Grills

The best of the best. The Blaze Cast Aluminum Kamado won us over because of its innovative design and unbeatable durability.

Best Ceramic Kamado Grills

Best Built In Kamado Grills

These kamados can be built-in to your outdoor kitchen. Their seamless integration will drastically increase the versatility of cooking in your outdoor kitchen space. Matching outdoor kitchen components are available for most models.

Best Small Kamado Grills

    • All Primo kamado grills have been proudly made in the USA since 1996
    • Made of premium grade SuperCeramic that offers superior heat, moisture and flavor retention
    • All-in-one grill includes cradle, grid lifter, ash tool and side shelves for a complete grilling package
    • Smoke meat at temperatures as low as 180F, or turn up the heat to more than 500F
    • Easy lift-and-lock hinge system keeps the lid raised in place while actively cooking
    • Total weight of kamado is a mere 68 pounds, making it highly portable
    • Cast Aluminum Kontrol Tower's unique side vents prevent any rain from entering grill
    • 1 1/4-inch thick ceramics allow it to hold heat and maintain temperature control
    • Stainless steel draft door allows you to control the airflow and temperature
    • Comes with a free grate gripper, ash tool and heat deflector for indirect cooking

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Best Oversized Kamado Grills

    • One of the largest kamado cooking surfaces in the industry with a burger count of 20
    • Stainless steel lid latch self activates when lid closes, ensuring heat does not leak through seal
    • Divide & Conquer Cooking System allows you to cook food at multiple levels & different temperatures
    • Air lift hinge reduces the dome weight by 96 percent, making it easy to lift the heavy ceramic lid
    • Top vent is constructed with cast aluminum for superior resistance to rust
    • All Primo kamado grills have been proudly made in the USA since 1996
    • Extra-large sized grill and one of the biggest ceramic cookers on the market with a burger count of 19
    • Efficiently retains and evenly distributes heat across the 400 square inches of cooking surface
    • Oval design allows multi-zone cooking at different temperatures using both direct and indirect heat
    • Primo offers the highest sitting lid available allowing you to cook whole chickens and turkeys vertically