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Best Outdoor Kitchen Heaters

  • Extend Your Outdoor Dining & Entertaining Season

    An outdoor kitchen is a huge investment, so you’ll naturally want to use it year-round. The seasons, however, might have other ideas — calling down weather conditions that would make most people retreat indoors, such as a bitter chill. Fortunately, there are options to extend the use of any outdoor kitchen; we just find patio heaters to be one of the easiest and most effective. Now, when purchasing a patio heater for your outdoor kitchen, the two most important things to consider are your preferred fuel type and the level of warming versatility you need. Fear not! The experts here at BBQGuys® have chosen the very best patio heaters in mounted and freestanding configurations while taking fuel type into account. We decided on the propane, natural gas, and electric outdoor heaters on this list based on the following factors:

    • Quality- When you buy any product, you want to make sure it’s made from sturdy material that won’t break down when you need it most. Patio heaters are no different: a faulty one will make it difficult to stay outside and enjoy your outdoor kitchen in chilly weather. That’s why we emphasize the quality and durability of these heaters so you’ll have one that’ll last for years to come.

    • Performance- A patio heater’s heating capabilities are one of the most important aspects to think about during the purchase process. For instance, the heat output of a portable patio heater doesn’t quite matter as much; it can always be moved to the area that needs warmth. On the other hand, a mounted patio heater needs to cover further ground because it’s a more permanent fixture.

    • Features- We chose patio heaters with the most user friendly control systems, optional mounting brackets for directional heating, and the ability to wire multiple heaters together for zone controlled heating.

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Best Premium Outdoor Kitchen Mounted Patio Heaters

When spending premium money on a patio heater, you want to know you’re getting the best of the best. These are the patio heaters we believe will give you top-of-the-line heat coverage from a ceiling, wall or pole mounted position.

Best Budget Outdoor Kitchen Mounted Patio Heaters

You might be a frugal spender or just looking for the best bargain, but that doesn’t mean you have to freeze. If you’re on a budget but need a patio heater that’s out of sight and doesn’t take away floor space, these are your best options. For this list, we specifically chose heaters priced less than $1,000*

    • Weather resistant stainless steel body reliably heats for years
    • Simple bracket adjustment provides directional heating coverage
    • Built-in spectral reflector maximizes infrared heat output
    • Can be wired into smart system controls for custom heat output
    • Frosted quartz heating element tubes provide attractive amber glow
    • 20,500 BTU's of heat evenly warms areas up to 160 square feet

    Bromic Tungsten Electric Expert Review

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    • Commercial-grade, powder-coated aluminum body is rust-resistant
    • Built to IP55 standards, meaning the unit can withstand snow and rain
    • Maintains radiant heat while reducing visible light by nearly 50% on average
    • Quickly meets maximum heat output so you can warm guests right when needed
    • Infrared heat isn’t affected by drafts or wind gusts, making it more lasting
    • Has 3 different mounting options to fit most outdoor spaces
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    • Constructed from aircraft grade aluminum and stainless steel
    • Attach to any wall or ceiling with included mounting brackets
    • IP65 rated for splashing water and dust resistance
    • 6 heat levels are easily changed with included remote
    • Instant directional infrared heat with no harsh glare
    • 10,500 BTU's provide infrared warmth to 100 sq. foot area
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Best Premium Freestanding Patio Heaters For Outdoor Kitchens

Freestanding premium patio heaters are great for not only heat — they also have the added benefit of mobility, which means you can store them in warmer seasons to reclaim valuable floor space in your outdoor kitchen. These higher-end heaters can bring something extra to your outdoor space while keeping you warm.

Best Budget Freestanding Patio Heaters For Outdoor Kitchens

These budget heaters may cost less, but they look good enough to go in any outdoor kitchen and will provide year-round warmth. These are our favorite freestanding heaters priced less than $750*

    • Stainless steel construction provides corrosion resistance
    • Uses infrared, radiant heat to warm people instead of the surrounding air
    • 110-volt system runs on a normal household outlet — no hardwiring required
    • Approved for indoor and outdoor use, greatly expanding installation options
    • Energy-efficient unit produces heat at 10% the cost of a propane heater
    • 1,500-watt heating element forms a 9-foot blanket of heat for rapid warming
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    • Carbon filament lamp provides up to 5,000 hours of operation
    • Heater doubles as a table for dining, drinking & knee-warming
    • Cool touch heating surface won't burn skin or clothing
    • LED light in the center adds instant & fun mood lighting
    • Requires only a standard 120V outlet for operation
    • 4,750 BTU's gently warm a 50 square foot area around table
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Still having trouble deciding which patio heater is right for your outdoor kitchen? Our experts are standing by at 1-877-743-2269 to answer any of your outdoor heating questions. Don't forget to check out our Patio Heater Expert Reviews for even more information on the brands and series of patio heaters available at BBQGuys®!