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Best Electric Patio Heaters for 2021

  • The Top-Rated Outdoor Heaters, as Ranked by Our Experts

    Electric patio heaters defy limitations. As a special case over regular patio heaters, they can do things the others can't — for instance, their lack of harmful emissions means nearly all of them are perfectly safe to operate in enclosed spaces. Forget ignition components, valves, burners, and moving parts; simply plug in and flick a switch. Electric patio heaters manage in places where gas models struggle, such as below 40 degrees Fahrenheit. Gas models can't be flush-mounted; electric ones can. Eager to warm your heart (and the rest of you), our experts ranked our best electric patio heaters to help you find the one that's right for your outdoor space on these criteria:

    • Quality - Exposed to the elements, your patio heater must withstand the worst tantrums your climate can throw at it. Our electric patio heaters are specifically high-quality and enduring, meant to be relied upon for many seasons.

    • Performance - In a word? Uncompromising. Our electric patio heaters use infrared heat — it ignores the air to directly warm people and objects. This means they convert almost all of their energy into heat that’s highly resistant to wind and weather conditions!

    • Features - Our selection of electric patio heaters use infrared heat, which directly warms objects and people rather than the surrounding air. Combine this with optional mounting kits for powerful, directional heat that's highly resistant to wind.

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Best Ceiling & Wall Mounted Electric Patio Heaters

If you have available wall or ceiling space and don’t want to sacrifice floor space, mounted electric patio heaters might be the answer for you. They take up very little space and will remove the chill from cool days and nights.

  • Best
    Lynx 61 1/4-Inch 6000W Dual Element Electric Infrared Patio Heater

    Bromic Heating Platinum Smart-Heat Series II 3400W Electric Patio Heater

    • 3,400-watt heater can warm an area up to 64 square feet
    • Can be recessed, wall-mounted, or ceiling mounted to fit your space
    • Stainless steel construction is rugged enough to thrive outdoors
    • Glass-ceramic screen evenly spreads infrared heat and helps resist wind
    • Minimal clearances are perfect for residential and commercial settings
    • Compatible with a Smart system that controls 2 units with a single remote
    • Controllable via wall switch or an optional wireless controller

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    • 4500 watts, heats up to 230 square feet
    • Installation mounting options include recessed, ceiling, and wall
    • Made of rust-resistant powder coated cast aluminum
    • Quartz emitter lamp filtering reduces visible light by nearly 50%
    • Meets IP55 standards for rain and snow proofing
    • Requires Solaira remote or wall switch for operation
    • Optional commercial or residential installations

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    • 3200 Watts, heats up to 70 square feet
    • Includes handheld remote control and mounting brackets
    • Water resistant
    • Made of durable and rust-resistant, anodized aluminum alloy
    • Evenly distributes heat across coverage area
    • Cycle through preset heat and timer setting using the included remote
    • Nearly 100% efficiency
    • Optional commercial or residential installations

    RADtec Designer Series Expert Review

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