Best Small Patio Furniture Sets for 2022

  • What Kind of Small Patio Furniture Set Should You Buy?

    It can be challenging to find a patio furniture set for a small space. Don’t worry – we’ve got you covered! There are a variety of patio sets that will fit wonderfully in small spaces such as bistro sets and 2 - 3 piece seating sets. The easiest way to figure out what type you’ll need is to think about what you use that space for the most. For example, do you enjoy your morning coffee out there or do you like to relax and enjoy a good book in the evening? If it’s the former, we suggest a bistro set but for the latter, a seating set. You also need to consider what features are important to you, such as folding chairs, types of cushions and seating capacity. To help you decide on the best small patio set for your needs, budget and style, we’ve created a list for you based on the following:

    • Value - To determine value, we not only look at price, but also materials, features, quality of construction and design. For example, some materials are more durable and of higher quality, but more expensive, than others (i.e. Sunbrella fabric).

    • Durability - When figuring out durability, we consider the construction, amount of care required and type of material. All of our small patio furniture sets are made to be used outdoors, however, some materials handle the elements better than others and require less upkeep. To learn more, check out our Guide to Outdoor Furniture Materials and Patio Furniture Cleaning Guides.

    • Features - Type of set, seating features, tables, cushions included (plus the type of fabric) and set size are some of the key characteristics we look at when evaluating a small patio furniture set. The features contribute to the value of the overall set.

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Best Small Aluminum Patio Sets

Best Small Wicker Patio Sets

Resin wicker patio furniture does not split or crack, does not absorb moisture, is easy to clean and weather resistant. Our small wicker patio furniture sets come in several finishes, types and styles to match your patio. Rest assured, our mixed material wicker patio furniture is on trend and sure to elevate your outdoor space.

Best Small Wood & Teak Sets

Our small wood patio furniture sets come in teak, acacia and shorea wood. Wood & teak furniture lends a classic style to any outdoor space and is easy to personalize to fit the look of your patio. Teak is the most favored type of wood furniture because it is naturally resistant to warping, splintering, bug infestation, rotting and all elements due to its high oil content. Teak will age to a beautiful silver gray if left untreated, or it can be treated with a teak sealer to preserve the original golden-brown color. Wood furniture is unique in the fact that it has the beauty of the natural grain.

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