Best Patio Umbrellas for 2022

  • What Kind of Patio Umbrella Should You Buy?

    Patio umbrellas come in two main styles: market and cantilever. When shopping for an umbrella, there are several things to consider. First, you’ll want to think about how much shade you need the umbrella to provide. What type of patio furniture will you have in that space? Market umbrellas are better suited for dining sets, while cantilever umbrellas are better for conversation sets. There are also different options based on style, lift, and tilt type. Additionally, you can shop more options like lighted umbrellas, double vented and umbrellas with specialty canopy shapes to bring unique style to your outdoor space. Patio umbrellas come in many options for both frame material and canopy material to complement any outdoor room. Check out our Patio Umbrella Buying Guide for a full overview of umbrella components. We’ve organized our best umbrella list by the two most common styles and based it on the following:

    • Value - Price isn’t the only factor in determining the value of a patio umbrella. We also consider the frame and fabric materials, lift method, tilt method, size, durability, and whether or not a base is included.

    • Material - Frame and canopy materials are very important in a patio umbrella. Some frame materials require more upkeep than others and types of fabrics differ in their durability. For example Sunbrella fabric is mold, mildew, fade, stain and weather resistant. However, it does cost more.

    • Lift - Some lift methods are easier to use than others. The different methods that open an umbrella are something we consider when determining the overall value.

    • Tilt - All umbrellas do not include tilt methods, although there are a few different mechanisms to think about when evaluating tilt. The differences between these methods include ease of operation as well as tilt range.

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Best Market Umbrellas

Market umbrellas have a center pole with 4 – 8 ribs to support the canopy. They are available in a variety of shapes and sizes. The most common shape is octagonal. This style of umbrella can be freestanding or used with a patio table that has an umbrella hole. They‘re the perfect addition to a dining set. For more information on what size umbrella to use with various patio table dimensions or what base you’ll need, check out our Guide to Patio Umbrella & Base Sizes.

Best Cantilever Umbrellas

An offset cantilever umbrella does not have a center pole. Instead, the pole is offset, so that the space underneath the canopy is totally free. This style is perfect for outdoor conversation sets because they shade the area without obstructing the space directly beneath. Most cantilevers come with a fillable base (you can use sand or water) or a stand that can be permanently secured to the ground.

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