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Best Propane & Natural Gas Smokers for 2021

  • Gas Smokers: The Solution to Smoking Stress

    If you love the taste of slow-smoked, fall-off-the-bone BBQ but hate the hassle of tending a charcoal fire for hours on end, then a gas BBQ smoker may be the perfect addition to your home or outdoor space. Gas smokers are some of the fastest, easiest to operate, and most cost-effective smokers available today. Unlike a wood or charcoal smoker, you can simply choose your wood chip flavor of choice, set your target temperature, and let your gas smoker do the work for you. At BBQGuys, our BBQ experts have been testing and selling gas smokers for more than 20 years, so we know there are a lot of choices and that the hunt for the best value can be difficult. That’s why our panel of experts has hand-picked the top gas BBQ smokers based on temperature management, ease of use, and durability. The result is a helpful list that should make your decision as easy as cooking on a gas smoker!

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Best Gas Smokers

    • Intuitive LCD control panel takes the guesswork out of smoking
    • Wifi enabled controller lets you monitor your food from anywhere
    • Smartphone companion app contains huge database of recipes
    • Companion app alerts you when desired internal food temp is reached
    • Stainless steel construction will keep looking great for many years
    • Available in built-in configuration

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    • Double walled cookbox maximizes heat and smoke retention
    • Sure-Lite electronic ignition offers quick and easy startup
    • Adjustable cast aluminum dampers allow precise temperature control
    • Free accessory bundle includes chrome rib rack and 16 meat hooks
    • Silicone gasket and premium latch system ensure a tight seal

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    • Heat control dial provides simple way to adjust smoking temp
    • Matchless snap-ignition provides convenient, reliable startup
    • 3 damper valves help to control airflow and maintain temperature
    • 2 smoking racks and 1 jerky rack accommodate a variety of foods
    • Easy-to-read analog door thermometer monitors smoking progress
    • Pictured here in 24-inch size, 18-inch size also available

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Still unsure about which gas smoker to choose? Our BBQ experts are standing by at 1-877-743-2269 to answer any and all of your smoking questions. Call today for a free BBQ consultation, and let us find the perfect grill or smoker for you!