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Top Rated: Best Electric Patio Heaters

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    • Wall or ceiling mount options reclaim valuable floor space
    • Weather resistance and stainless steel construction offer reliable heating and quality
    • Equipped with a spectral reflector for distributing radiant heat evenly
    • The infrared heating element tubes are frosted to reduce the harsh glare, producing a warm, attractive amber glow

    Starting at $543.00*

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    • Designed for residential or commercial use
    • Boasts a crisp, modern styling and a variety of mounting options.
    • Can flush mount or mount to a pole, wall, or ceiling for versatile installation
    • American-made heaters fashioned out of recyclable materials and operate with zero greenhouse emissions

    Starting at $415.00*

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    • Converts over 96% of the energy used to radiant heat
    • IP55 weather rated for water resistance
    • Unlike other models, Ziro emits almost no visible light while still maintaining all of the radiant heat
    • Utilizes one of the highest ceramic emitter surface temperatures to make it one of the highest radiant output heaters in its class.

    Starting at $668.00*

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    • Comes with a dual stack control that allows each element to be powered independently
    • Produces heat without glare or unpleasant light
    • Infrared technology to produce radiant heat
    • Can be flush mounted or installed to the ceiling or wall.

    Starting at $579.00*

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    • Operates at 90 percent heating efficiency
    • Approximately 5000 hours of bulb life.
    • Heater reaches 100 percent heat production in seconds
    • Runs on regular household electric current and consumes approximately 1/10 the energy costs of propane patio heaters

    Starting at $299.99*

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*Prices and availability subject to change at any time.

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