• Gas Fireplace Buying Guide

    Gas Fireplace Buying Guide

    Gas fireplaces are a great, convenient alternative to wood burning fireplaces. Read all the options to consider when purchasing one.

  • Gas Fireplace FAQ

    Gas Fireplace FAQ

    Choosing the right gas fireplace for your home can be tricky. We've compiled the most common questions to guide you through the gas fireplace buying process.

  • Ignition and Control Methods

    Types of Ignition and Control Methods

    You've chosen the perfect gas logs for your fireplace; the next step is to decide how you will light the burner. Check out our overview of the basic features of each type.

  • How To Measure Your Fireplace

    How To Measure Your Fireplace

    When shopping for gas logs or fire glass, measuring your fireplace is the most important step. Read our tips on how to accurately measure your fireplace.

  • Fire Glass Calculator

    Fire Glass Calculator

    Use our fire glass calculator to determine how much fire glass you will need to fill your fireplace or fire pit. Just measure your fire feature and fill out the dimensions.

  • Outdoor Fireplace FAQ

    Outdoor Fireplace FAQ

    An outdoor fireplace is a great way to set your outdoor living space apart. Find the answers to the most frequently asked questions about outdoor fireplaces below.

  • Fireplace Warranty Comparison

    Fireplace Warranty Comparison

    We've taken the top fireplace brands and compared the warranty details of each one. Take a look and decide which fireplace brand is right for you!