Electric Logs Buying Guide

Benefits of Electric Logs

  • Dimplex Revillusion 25-Inch Electric Log Set

    Electric Logs are Easy To Use

    Perhaps the best benefit of electric log sets is their simplicity. In addition to multifunction remote controls for convenience, most units have easy-to-use features like mood lighting, flame base color enhancement, and flicker settings. Electric fireplace log inserts allow you to enjoy all the warmth and serenity of a traditional fireplace without having to chop wood, remove ash, or worry about the safety of a gas hearth appliance.

  • Modern Flames Sunset Charred Oak Electric Log Set

    Installing Electric Logs is Simple

    Unlike other home heating options, electric log fireplace sets can be installed in the home with virtually no hassle. There are no gas lines, venting, or safety screens, and you don’t need to hire a professional electrician to hardwire the unit. Electric log inserts typically consist of a rack, a set of resin or ceramic logs, and a flame display. Once those elements are in place, just plug the electric log set in to any standard outlet and enjoy!

  • Modern Flames Sunset Charred Oak Electric Log Set

    Electric Logs Produce Cozy Heat

    Most electric fireplace logs produce anywhere from 5,000 to 15,000 BTUs, and can easily heat an indoor area of about 500 square feet. Just be sure to look for an electric log set that matches your heating needs. These units generally have independent heating elements and flame displays, meaning you can enjoy dancing flames without the heat. For areas that are warm year-round, some electric log inserts have only flame displays.

Are Electric Logs Right for Me?

"The easiest alternative to real fire"

Many homes have existing masonry fireplaces, but central heating has mostly removed the need for costly and messy wood-burning fires. Gas log sets are another option, though they require hired professionals for installation and run on volatile gases. If you own or purchase a home with a fireplace, the easiest alternative is an electric log set that provides meaningful heat and realistic flames similar to that of a traditional fire. Because they don’t need any drafting to function, electric fireplace log inserts are especially ideal for fireplaces or chimneys that no longer vent properly.

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