Electric Fireplaces for Every Room

With so many different styles, you can find an electric fireplace to fit every room in your home. From your living room to kitchen, bedroom and bathroom, electric fireplaces make a beautiful statement. An electric fireplace media console gives your room warmth and functionality, while a wall mount fireplace next to your tub adds an extra relaxing element to your bathroom. If you want the convenience and ease of an electric fireplace beyond the home, that’s also possible! Hotels and restaurants are commonly using electric fireplaces to give their guests something special.

Benefits of Zone Heating

One advantage of choosing an electric fireplace for your home is the ability to utilize zone heating. Zone heating is a method of using supplemental heaters to heat only the portions of the home when needed. Instead of running the furnace and heating your entire home, electric fireplaces are an efficient and cost-effective way to heat only the rooms you are using. This allows you to keep the thermostat set low while you are comfortably warm in the bedroom, kitchen, living room, or any other room you choose.

Living Room

There is truly nothing better than a beautiful hearth in your living room. It gives your room a focal point, warmth, and a cozy place for the family to gather around. Electric fireplaces are the most efficient and easy to install fireplaces for your home. Whether you want a traditional mantel with an electric log set, media console for added space and functionality, or a modern, sleek wall mount electric fireplaces, you can brighten up your living room in no time.


Your bedroom deserves the very best décor – it’s where you unwind from a long day of work, running errands, and all your other responsibilities. Choose a built-in, wall mount, mantel, or media console electric fireplace to give your bedroom a sophisticated, relaxing vibe. Go for a decorative wall piece, or choose a freestanding option for more functionality! Modern or traditional, there is an electric fireplace to match your bedroom décor and give it a special touch.


Taking a relaxing bath goes to the next level when you have an electric fireplace in your bathroom. Create a serene atmosphere with the warmth of a built-in electric fireplace, and unwind from the day as you watch your fire glow.


You spend a lot of time in your kitchen – why not make the cooking experience more enjoyable? Kitchens are no longer only about function, they’re about design as well. With an electric fireplace, you can give your kitchen a modern update and a beautiful backdrop for your perfectly prepared meals!

Hotels & Restaurants

Hotels and restaurants are joining us in our love of electric fireplaces. Easy to install and maintain, with low operating costs, electric fireplaces give a sleek, elegant vibe. Whether it’s in the reception area, dining area, or hotel rooms, electric fireplaces elevate the space and your guests’ overall experience.

Patios & Boats

Don't be afraid to take your electric fireplace outdoors! Brands such as Modern Flames have electric fireplaces fully rated for the outdoors to make your patio and outdoor space truly special. Dimplex electric fireplaces are approved for marine use, making them the perfect addition to your sea adventures.