BBQGuys Loyalty Program

As a BBQGuys Rewards member, your purchases add up to points redeemable for credit on your orders, or almost anything on our site. Plus, it’s free & you get 300 points just for signing up! It pays to be loyal.

Please note the upcoming changes to the BBQGuys Rewards program and review the effective dates for each change:
Effective October 1, 2022: Qualifying dollars spent on or after 12:00:00am ET on October 1, 2022 will earn one (1) point per dollar spent.
Effective January 1, 2023: All points earned on or after 12:00:00am ET January 1, 2021 will expire two (2) years from the date they were earned.

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Important Notice

Customers cannot combine any two discounts on a purchase, such as Price Match or Warehouse Deals.

BBQGuys reserves the right to change the membership rewards program terms and conditions at any time. This may include, but is not limited to, the number points earned for spending, the number of points required to redeem rewards, or any caps or fees on earning and redeeming points. BBQGuys may cancel the program, as well as any point balances by giving 120 days prior notice by email. If the email is not received due to a spam blocker, a change of email address, a full mailbox or any other reason, BBQGuys will not be held responsible and will not be required to extend the notification time.

BBQGuys Rewards members will be assigned a unique account number associated with their BBQGuys user account. Points may not be applied unless you:

  • Sign in to your user account during checkout so your current order will be associated with your rewards account, OR
  • Call in to place your order and let the Customer Service Representative know that you have a rewards account and give them the email address you used to start the account.

If you do not have a rewards account at the time you are placing your order, you may request the Customer Service Representative enroll you if you are placing your order over the phone, or signing up for one before finishing your order if you are using the shopping cart. Failure to make sure your account is associated with your order in one of the manners described above may forfeit the points to your account.

  • You may request the Customer Service Representative enroll you if you are placing your order over the phone, OR
  • Sign up for BBQGuys Rewards during the transaction process when checking out on the shopping cart.

Upon filling out the application members may also be required to answer a secret question so that customer service agents may be able to verify the identity of the customer.

In the event that a rewards member's method of payment is declined, points will not be earned. Points are not earned until the transaction is completed and paid in full.

Points accrued by rewards members are not transferable by operation of law or otherwise to any person or entity and cannot be transferred to any other account.

Credits posted to orders that acquired rewards points, including those arising from returned goods or services will also post a debit to the points accrued in your rewards account.

Unused points expire 2 years from the date they are earned, regardless of activity or purchases made. (Effective January 1, 2023)

BBQGuys reserves the right to decline any request to convert rewards points for purchase at any time.

Brands which cannot be purchased with rewards points

For various reasons, some brands may be restricted from being purchased with rewards points. Having items of the following brands in your cart will remove your ability to pay for the order using rewards points:

  • Delta Heat
  • Lynx Grills
  • Twin Eagles
  • Viking Appliances