Learn about all the perks of BBQGuys Rewards.

Down here in Louisiana (the home base for BBQGuys), when someone gets a little something extra for their money, we call that Lagniappe. And with our free and flexible BBQGuys Rewards, we can make sure our customers always get a little extra value on everything they buy.

Please note the upcoming changes to the BBQGuys Rewards program and review the effective dates for each change:

Effective :  Qualifying dollars spent on or after will earn one (1) point per dollar spent.

Effective :  All points earned on or after will expire two (2) years from the date they were earned.

A Simple Plan with Fantastic Perks

  • If you're part of other rewards programs, then you know how complicated they can get. However, ours is simple and straightforward.
  • Enrolling is completely FREE - no upfront fees or trial periods! You can sign up before you even start shopping, create the rewards account during the transaction, or call us if you run into any problems setting up your rewards account.
  • You automatically get 300 points just by signing up for BBQGuys Rewards, plus you can use those points toward your initial purchase. That's an immediate $3 discount!
  • Earn 1 point for every $1 you spend at BBQGuys. (Effective October 1, 2022)
  • Redeem your points next time you buy, or keep building them up to use for a significant discount on a future purchase.
  • Unused points expire 2 years from the date they are earned, regardless of activity or purchases made. (Effective January 1, 2023)

Access to Your Rewards Account

Enrolling in BBQGuys Rewards also establishes your global BBQGuys Rewards account. Use your credentials to manage your rewards account, check your order status, view order history, and update your email address or account information. You can even streamline the process by connecting the rewards account to your Facebook login.

Frequently Asked Questions

Find answers to frequently asked questions about the rewards program.

Perks At-a-Glance

The BBQGuys Rewards program is designed to offer our loyal customers tangible benefits and valuable incentives:*

  • FREE to enroll, no purchase is necessary
  • 300 points when you sign up, plus use them for your first purchase
  • Earn 1 point for every $1 you spend with BBQGuys (effective October 1, 2022)
  • Roll over and build up your points to use for a future discount, but be sure to redeem them within 2 years of earning them so they don't expire!
  • Use your rewards login to access and manage your BBQGuys rewards account
  • Check your balance and Order Status
  • Benefits are available to Business Accounts as well! Check out our BBQGuys Pro Program here.

*as specified in the Terms and Conditions of the program

Important Notice

Customers cannot combine any two discounts on purchase, such as Price Match or Warehouse Deals.

BBQGuys reserves the right to change the membership rewards program terms and conditions at any time. This may include, but is not limited to, the number points earned for spending, the number of points required to redeem rewards, or any caps or fees on earning and redeeming points. BBQGuys may cancel the program, as well as any point balances by giving 120 days prior notice by email. If the email is not received due to a spam blocker, a change of email address, a full mailbox or any other reason, BBQGuys will not be held responsible and will not be required to extend the notification time.

BBQGuys Rewards members will be assigned a unique membership identification number associated with their BBQGuys rewards account. Points may not be applied unless, you:

  • Sign in to your rewards account during checkout so your current order will be associated with your membership identification number, OR
  • Call in to place your order and let the Customer Service Representative know that you have a rewards account and give them the email address you used to sign up for the rewards account.

If you do not have a rewards account at the time you are placing your order:

  • You may request the Customer Service Representative enroll you in the BBQGuys Rewards Program if you are placing your order over the phone, OR
  • Sign up for BBQGuys Rewards during the transaction process when checking out on the shopping cart.

Points will not be earned for any transaction that is not associated with your rewards account in one of the manners described above.

Rewards members may be required to answer a secret question when joining the Program so that customer service agents may be able to verify the identity of the customer.

In the event that a rewards member's method of payment is declined, points will not be earned. Points are not earned until the transaction is completed and paid in full.

Points accrued by rewards members are not transferable by operation of law or otherwise to any person or entity and cannot be transferred to any other account.

Credits posted to orders that acquired rewards points, including those arising from returned goods or services will also post a debit to the points accrued in your rewards account.

BBQGuys reserves the right to decline any request to convert rewards points for purchase at any time.

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Points Accrual

Rewards points may be accrued on orders placed directly through BBQGuys.com. Orders placed through partner sites, such as Shop.com, Amazon.com, Ebay.com, etc. are not eligible for points. In the event that a reward member's method of payment is declined, points will not be earned. Points are not earned until the transaction is completed and the order is paid in full.

Points accrued by rewards members are not transferable by operation of law or otherwise to any person or entity and cannot be transferred to any other account.

Credits posted to orders that acquired BBQGuys Rewards points, including those arising from returned goods or services will also post a debit to the points accrued in your rewards account.

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All customers must have a valid physical address, email address and phone number in order to participate in BBQGuys Rewards. In some cases, upon sign up, BBQGuys customers will be sent an email to for validation. Customers must click on the link in the email to validate and activate their BBQGuys Rewards account.

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Point Redemption

Rewards Members may request to redeem points by logging into their rewards account and completing an online order, or by calling a customer service agent at 877-743-2269 or 1-225-296-0043.

All points can only be redeemed at BBQGuys.com unless otherwise specified by BBQGuys. All qualified BBQGuys Rewards members will accrue a point or points for every approved dollar spent. The amount of points awarded per dollar spent is determined solely by BBQGuys, who reserves the right to change the value of the points at any time. Purchases prior to your sign up date are not retroactive and will not be applied to your rewards account. All points are accrued. Accrued rewards points may be used for any product on BBQGuys that is marked with required points next to it. Products that do not have required points next to it may not qualified for redemption. All rewards redemptions are subject to availability. The BBQGuys Rewards customer will be notified if the item they have on order is no longer available or backordered. If an item is backordered a customer service representative will notify the customer with the time it will become available. At this point, the customer may choose to cancel or wait for the product. Items ordered at the same time may arrive separately on different days. BBQGuys may run special Rewards promotions that are available only during specified time periods. These will be subject to the terms and conditions specifically applied to them. Redeemed rewards are not replaceable, exchangeable, refundable or transferable for cash.

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BBQGuys Reward points cannot be used for white glove service. White glove service is defined as any delivery beyond curbside of your home. Reward Points can only be used for standard delivery: curbside for freight items (LTL), and front door for UPS, FedEx, and USPS. Any upgraded shipping (white glove, express delivery, etc.) will be paid for separately by another method of payment. For more info on freight shipping, check out our detailed guide to freight delivery.

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Products ordered by redeeming reward points may not be returned or exchanged unless proven to be damaged or defective. Please call us at 877-743-2269 or 1-225-296-0043 to resolve any reward redemption return issues. Rewards Points are not redeemable towards return shipping costs. Damaged or defective items must be returned within 90 days of delivery once that return has been approved. All customers must advise a BBQGuys customer service representative if a replacement is required. All items must be unused and returned in the original package. All returns must have a return authorization number obtained from BBQGuys written on the package. Failure to note the RA number on a return may result in refusal of the package.

All packages must be returned to (unless otherwise instructed by a BBQGuys customer service representative at the time of acquisition of a return authorization number):

BBQGuys 8151 Airline Hwy
Baton Rouge, LA 70815

BBQGuys reserves the right to modify or cancel any rewards at any time.

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Business and Corporate Accounts

Business and Corporate accounts may purchase large quantity of points for employee programs. These accounts can be set up with our sales department, who will work individually with all corporate accounts to create a program that caters to each company's specific needs.

Learn more about Business Accounts

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General Terms

All questions regarding eligibility, accrual, conversion and/or redemption will be resolved at BBQGuys's sole discretion. BBQGuys is not responsible for any typographical errors, including, but not limited to: product descriptions, pricing, required Points, and photographic images. BBQGuys reserves the right to make corrections and adjustments to Reward Members' accounts in the event of a price change.

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Gift Certificates and Gift Cards

Rewards members who purchase gift certificates or gift cards are eligible to acquire points, not the person redeeming them.

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Fraud or abuse relating to the accrual of your rewards points, or redemption of your rewards points, may result in forfeiture of your accrued points and cancellation of your rewards account.

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To terms that are set forth, claim means any claim, dispute or controversy between the rewards member and BBQGuys that may arise in which the circumstances and procedures under which claims may be arbitrated instead of litigated in court.

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Applicable taxes are not eligible to be paid with rewards points. The Rewards member is responsible for all taxes and levies that may apply. Shipments to the state of Louisiana are subject to 4% tax, and a 9% tax will be applied to shipments in East Baton Rouge Parish.

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BBQGuys Rewards Members Cancellation

In the event that the participating rewards member becomes unreachable via email or telephone number, BBQGuys may deactivate and cancel the members points and rewards program membership at any time. If a BBQGuys Rewards membership is cancelled due to death or insolvency, any points accrued in the rewards account may be forfeited.