• An easy-to-use outdoor oven that is perfect for family-friendly entertainment.
  • Designed for many styles of cooking—both the oven itself and its included accessories.
  • Ignites immediately without the need to try re-lighting multiple times.
  • Pull-out grease tray makes this oven simple to clean.
  • Backed by Blaze’s lifetime warranty.
  • The rotisserie rod is very tall, making it tricky to place both the pan and the rod inside the oven.
  • The rotisserie pan is difficult to clean due to the type of stainless steel. Requires adequate soaking and some elbow grease.
  • Shelves do not fold down on the freestanding unit.
The Skinny:
  • Constructed of 304 stainless steel, the oven is durable, resistant to corrosion, and simple to clean.
  • Excellent temperature range of 250 to 740°F (the latter figure accounting for the temperature of pizza stone) has been achieved through testing. Temperatures may vary depending on the outside weather.
  • A digital screen with dual connected meat probes for the most accurate cooking times.
  • Solid oven door that opens smoothly, creates a complete seal, and includes double-pane glass to prevent heat loss that would occur when opening to view.

By: Brad Prose

Versatile and effective, the Blaze Pizza Oven allows for many cooking styles including, of course, the creation of the finest restaurant-style pizza. It’s my kind of outdoor unit with its sleek, user-friendly design capable of delivering serious flavor from many dishes thanks to the oven’s configuration and accessories. With the freestanding model, you’re able to safely position this oven wherever it is most convenient. Add in reliable flamethrower ignition and an easy-to-clean grease tray, the Blaze Pizza Oven is the perfect addition to any backyard ready to entertain.

Engineered to perform and backed to last, this oven’s design makes it extremely durable and user-friendly.

  • Starting from the ground up, the freestanding cart can be easily moved to any suitable location in an outdoor space. With its locking wheels, it is guaranteed to stay securely in place while in operation. As both the cart and oven are constructed with 304 stainless steel, owners can take comfort in the fact that this model is built to last and can handle serious use.

  • Blaze Pizza oven's stainless steel cart

The oven’s stainless steel tube burners are reliably lit by flamethrower igniters, triggered by easy-to-turn knobs. The ceramic pizza stone turntable is very sturdy and does not wobble when in use. Interior lighting and a double-pane glass oven door ensure there is no loss of heat when monitoring your pizza, plus it allows the whole family to enjoy the fun of cooking with a quality outdoor oven.

Blaze’s oven provides an even distribution of heat, not to mention an impressive temperature range for versatile cooking.

  • The 17-inch pizza stone rotates at the push of a button, evenly distributing the heat from the high-capacity burners and eliminating any chance of cold spots. In other words: perfect pizza every time. The tubular burners have a range of about 270 to 550°F, and the oven is very responsive to even the smallest of temperature changes.

  • Blaze Pizza Oven's rotating pizza stone

Plus, the pizza stone is heated directly at the burners so its surface can reach 700°F—and do so fast. That’s enough heat for the crispiest Neapolitan pizza in just two minutes or any other dishes that require intense heat.

With its ingenious design and included accessories, this outdoor oven does pizza and just about everything else.

  • Blaze wasn’t satisfied with simply delivering your family any style of pizza. Double cooking racks allow you to effortlessly cook your meat and with an intuitive digital screen and connected temperature probes, you can do so effectively. The interior lighting and glass door window provide ample viewing and the rotating stone eliminates any need for users to stick their arm in the oven to twirl their pizza.

  • Blaze Pizza Oven's Front view with double cooking grates and a pizza stone

Lastly, the built-in vertical rotisserie rod and drip pan make Blaze’s pizza oven one-of-a-kind. While the rod can be tricky to navigate into the interior of the oven, its inclusion in the design offers cooking versatility rarely seen in an outdoor pizza oven.