The Skinny:

  • Dual chamber designed for smoking and grilling
  • Available in built-in and freestanding configurations
  • Made of 304 stainless steel
  • 1,215 square inches of cooking surface
  • Charcoal hopper allows more charcoal for 16 hours of burn time
  • Proudly made in the USA

Things We Love:

From the heart of Cajun Country comes a charcoal BBQ pit capable of both grilling and smoking with the best of them. The Cajun Grill Combeaux Smoker is produced in Lafayette, Louisiana, by a family-owned business dedicated to quality and craftsmanship. That’s plain to see in the Combeaux, which has four electropolished steel cooking racks totaling 1,215 square inches across both chambers so you can cook for huge crowds and create diverse menus.

Both the built-in and freestanding configurations have convenient features including a foldaway grease pan and front access ash pan for easy cleanup along with a pair of seven-position control arms to raise or lower the charcoal baskets. There are also two thermometers — one on the grill lid and another on the smoker tower — and a pair of front air dampers that simplify temperature control. If you choose the freestanding Combeaux model, you’ll receive the added bonus (or as the Cajuns say, “lagniappe”) of dual storage drawers and two folding side shelves for prep room.

Exceptional Features:

Versatility is everything for the Combeaux, which can grill and smoke directly at the same time or smoke indirectly like an offset smoker. With a temperature range between 200 and 700 degrees Fahrenheit, you’re able to sear a steak or achieve slow-and-slow cooking conditions for food like pork or brisket. No matter what temperature you choose, retaining heat is a breeze thanks to the double side walls and 304 stainless steel construction that also provides durability and corrosion resistance. Cajun Grill also used 304 stainless steel when building the charcoal hopper, which is removable and can be used with either charcoal basket. The hopper extends the depth of the charcoal basket, giving you room for more charcoal and smoke sessions up to 16 hours!

Things to Consider:

Though the heavy-duty construction is what makes the Cajun Grill Combeaux Smoker so durable, it also means you’ll need help moving it into position. The freestanding model has caster wheels, but it lacks a handle and is quite heavy. As a result, it’s not as mobile as some of the smaller (but less durable) smokers on the market today. For more questions about the Combeaux Smoker, call one of our BBQ experts at 1-877-743-2269 today!