The Skinny:

  • Available in three sizes
  • Separate cooking areas for versatility
  • Can smoke a full-sized turkey
  • Includes a protective cover

Things We Love:

Weber revolutionized the grill game in 1952 with the invention of the charcoal kettle, and it hasn’t stopped innovating since. The company eventually tried its hand at slow-cooking a thing or two, resulting in a line of smokers as sleek as they are effective. After years of refining, Weber now offers its Smokey Mountain Cookers in three distinct sizes that fit the BBQ habits of just about anyone. Whether you like to make your backyard smoking central or grill on the go, there’s a Weber Smokey Mountain model for you.

Different Size Options to Fit Your Needs:

Heavy-duty smokers should take a hard look at the 22-inch Weber Smokey Mountain Cooker, which offers 726 square inches of cooking area for when you host the family BBQ. You can trust the 18-inch model to handle standard workloads, while the 14-inch Smokey Mountain Cooker is small enough to come along for the ride on your next outdoor adventure. But that’s where the differences between these charcoal smokers end.

Exceptional Features from Weber:

No matter the size, each Weber Smokey Mountain unit can cook a full-sized turkey and comes with great features designed to enhance your smoking experience. They have two separate, steel-plated cooking grates that allow you to satisfy your guests by smoking multiple foods at once, along with a Weber water smoker to add moisture. Premium-grade, steel-coated porcelain enamel is used to build both the inside and outside of these vertical smokers, which receive added durability thanks to their rust-resistant aluminum fuel doors. Even with this sturdy construction, you should still take advantage of the included cover to shield your smoker from the elements.

Oh, and did we mention that Weber Smokey Mountain Cookers are easy to use? The fuel door lets you add charcoal without interrupting the cooking process, and temperature adjustment is simple with Weber’s airflow vents. Straightforward smoking, just the way we like it!

Things to Consider:

Though these Weber smokers get the job done when it comes to cooking meats, they don’t include all the bells and whistles typically found in the pricier smokers on the market today. You can, however, use Smokey Mountain Cookers like a traditional grill. Feel free to call our BBQ experts at 1-877-743-2269 if you have any more questions about Weber smokers!