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Baton Rouge, Louisiana

  • Outdoor kitchen featuring a TV, built-in Lynx gas grill, sink, bar, and so much more.
  • What was once a small backyard flower bed has blossomed into a fully loaded outdoor kitchen attached to the home. The space is luxurious yet comfortable, partially thanks to the distressed bricks, pickled wood, and plantation-style shutters. Meanwhile, elegant Lynx outdoor appliances and welcoming, brick-lined walls balance a soaring vaulted ceiling. With an adjacent lounge pool and covered sitting area, the outdoor kitchen extends all the comforts of an indoor space to the backyard.

    To help the mostly enclosed area feel spacious, homeowners Gil and Michelle Matherne made the most of every possible inch. Space-saving options like door-and-drawer combos and firewood hutches open up the floor for guests, making the outdoor kitchen a favorite spot for holidays, birthday parties, and political events.

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