The Skinny:
Incredible cooking performance; premium quality; unique two-sided grates for cooking versatility and grease management

Things To Love:
This DCS grill is a high-powered machine, producing incredible cooking performance.

DCS 36-inch and 48-inch gas grills are powered by 304-grade stainless steel U-shaped burners that are capable of producing a wide temperature range from 300 degrees (°F) to an intense 1,100 degrees (°F). While DCS tests and adjusts every burner at the factory, each DCS grill offers a low flame setting adjustment, allowing you to manually adjust each burner valve to lower or raise the flame if you find that the grill is getting too hot, or not hot enough when cooking on low.

DCS is unique in that it includes ceramic rods beneath the grates, spaced closely together and covering pretty much the entire grilling surface, to provide an even-cooking surface. Also, the ceramic rods greatly reduce flare-ups by vaporizing grease and delivering it back to your food as smoke.

DCS has an innovative, patented Grease Management System that channels grease safely into the grease tray that begins with the unique double-sided 304-grade cast stainless steel cooking grates. One side of the grates is curved, offering an ideal surface for delicate foods such as vegetables or fish, while the other side has grooves that channel grease away from your food, and down into the grease tray.

The DCS definitely flexes its muscle when it comes to rotisseries as well. The grill includes a rear ceramic infrared burner and heavy-duty rotisserie kit, powered by a water-proof motor capable of impressively turning up to 50 lbs of food. The motor also features a handy built-in grill light to light up your cooking surface.

If you love cooking with infrared heat, DCS offers a hybrid ceramic infrared searing kit as an accessory that fits directly over an existing burner, after removing one of the ceramic rod trays. While this accessory is available for those who must have an infrared burner, the DCS will give you intense, even-heat without it. Either way, you will get excellent searing and intense heat with this grill.

Another cool feature you'll find on the DCS is the built-in smoker box with dedicated burner that helps to add that great smoky flavor to your food. The smoker box is sealed, allowing you to add anything from wood chips to liquids, such as wine, and the box is covered and perforated, allowing just the right amount of smoke to escape into your food.

To top it all off, DCS grills are covered by a lifetime warranty and limited on-site warranty service, which is one of the best offered in the industry and proves that DCS stands behind the quality of their grills.

Things To Consider:
The radiant rods are ceramic and therefore breakable, and might need replacing at some point. If they break it will usually be due to dropping something on them (like a cooking grid!).

You'll Like This Grill If:
If you're looking for a solid, premium quality grill that delivers excellent performance with a very even heat distribution across the cooking surface.