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Weber 7416 RapidFire Aluminized Steel Charcoal Chimney

by Weber
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    • Weber 7416 RapidFire Aluminized Steel Charcoal Chimney Weber 7416 RapidFire Charcoal Chimney Starter - Shown in Grill
      Weber 7416 RapidFire Charcoal Chimney Starter - Shown in Grill
      Weber 7416 RapidFire Aluminized Steel Charcoal Chimney Weber 7416 RapidFire Charcoal Chimney Starter
      Weber 7416 RapidFire Charcoal Chimney Starter
  • Extra large canister holds enough briquettes for a 22-1/2 inch kettle grill
    • Makes lighting your charcoal grill easy
    3 pounds
    Get coals lighted quick with the Weber Chimney starter. Place the Chimney Starter with coals on top of lighter cubes or crumpled newspapers and light. It is that easy! Durable aluminized steel with extra large capacity and a cone shaped grate holds enough briquettes for a 22-1/2 inch kettle grill.

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    Item TypeCharcoal Chimney
    CollectionWeber Charcoal
    Overall Dimensions
    Weight 3 Pounds
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    Shipping Width 15 11/16 Inches
    Shipping Height 12 11/16 Inches
    Shipping Length 21 1/2 Inches
    Shipping Weight 17.3 Pounds

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              93% of customers recommend this product.
              • Great charcoal fire starter

                This is a great product. It's big but that's good because it lights plenty of charcoal for the large Weber kettle. I use the Weber fire starter cubes instead of newspaper, so no ash blowing around the yard. If you haven't tried the Weber cubes with this starter, you are in for a pleasant surprise! This chimney plus Weber cubes is PURE perfection!
              • Pros
                Durable, Easy To Use
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              • None better

                I bought my first in early July 2010. I gave that one to a friend because his starters didn't compare. I bought myself a new one and in August bought my brother one. I have started natural charcoal, Kingsford briquettes,Pioneer real hickory briquettes, and even hickory wood. This thing is amazing. It will have any charcoal glowing cherry red in 15min. or less. I grill constantly and have only had to restart this chimney once. This thing is a beast!! If you are a charcoal griller,this is a must have. Another quality item from the people at Weber.
              • Pros
                Easy To Use, There Are None, Attractive Design, Easy To Clean, Durable, Fast Starter
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              • My Husband Loves This One

                Our son-in-law gave us our first Weber Charcoal Chimney Starter and we loved it. When we went to replace it after SEVERAL years, we bought one from a discount store, thinking it was the same. We were so disappointed when we got home and realized it was half the size of our Weber. The Weber 7416 is the only one to get if you need a charcoal chimney. The others just don't compare.
              • Pros
                Camping, Barbeque, Avid Griller, Easy To Use
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              • not so much

                have used this starter for about 2 years. what i have found is that one full page of newspaper is not enough to get the fire going and two full pages is too much and won't finish burning. i have only had success using 1 1/2 full sheets of newspaper and that gets me about 75% success rate. it may be due to the fact that i place the starter on the lower grill of my weber and that impedes the air flow necessary for coal spread, but if it's placed on the upper grill then the residual ashes do blow all over the area when lifting the starter to remove the upper grill. on a 1 - 10 scale, 10 being best, i'd give this about a 6. best starter i have is a small torch that i use for quick plumbing repairs, but i am in construction so that is an easy route for me
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              • Best Thing Ever

                This starter works great regardless of fuel choice. If you are an avid charcoal grill fanatic, this starter is a must. During the last 30 days, I bought one and gave it to a friend, bought another for me and gave my brother one for his birthday. Phenomenal.
              • Pros
                Durable, Easy To Use, Attractive Design
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              • Pros
                Camping, Perfect Fit, Easy To Clean, Barbeque, Improves Grill Function, Durable, Patio, Easy To Use, Avid Griller
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              • Great Help :)

                Definitely worth the money!
              • Pros
                Easy To Use, Occasional Griller, Versatile, Easy To Clean, Barbeque, Improves Grill Function
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              • Highly Recommend

                Like several that have posted, I recently returned to the charcoal grill. This is my 1st chimney starter and WOW.. the thing is amazing! I've reduced the recommended starter paper from two full sheets to 1 1/2 and will try 1 next time. My next grill will be a Weber when the time comes based on this product.
              • Pros
                Avid Griller, Easy To Use, None, Improves Grill Function, Barbeque
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