The Skinny:

  • Patent-pending Slide and Grill technology
  • Patented simple ash cleanout
  • Smart Smoke technology creates accurate temperatures
  • Compact, portable design

Things We Love:

Slide and Grill Feature

One of the most exciting aspects of grilling is experimenting with direct and indirect cooking. Luckily, the Camp Chef Pursuit 20 pellet grill makes that easy with its patent-pending Slide and Grill technology! Simply slide the knob out to put your food directly above the flame, then slide it back in for an indirect heating position. In addition to the Slide and Grill feature, Camp Chef included an ash cleanout system that requires nothing more than pulling a knob and emptying a detachable cup.

The Pursuit pairs those convenient components with a compact design for portability. With heavy-duty wheels, push-button folding legs, and secure lid latches, this pellet grill is easy to take with you no matter where you’re going. The Camp Chef Pursuit’s combination of versatility and portability makes it a perfect companion for your next tailgate or camping trip!

Smart Smoke Technology

Camp Chef made sure to give this pellet grill one more advanced feature in the form of Smart Smoke technology. This innovation keeps the heat within 15 degrees Fahrenheit of your target temperature, which leads to more smoke and greater flavor because the grill will burn pellets less often and in bigger numbers. But if you need exact temperature for your food, Smart Smoke also offers precise temperature settings between 175-350 degrees.

This model’s durable, powder-coated steel parts, along with its stainless steel lid and fire box, are excellent at retaining heat and maintaining accurate temperatures. Thanks to those features and its simple temperature selection system, the Camp Chef Pursuit can reach a high-end searing temperature of 500 degrees and a low end of 160 degrees for slow smoking.

Deceptively Large Cooking Surface

Don’t let the Pursuit’s portability fool you — this pellet grill can crank out serious amounts of food. The main cooking area has 253 square inches of room for food, but the 248-square inch upper warming rack brings the total grilling space to just more than 500 square inches. That means you can fit up to four racks of ribs on this grill, and if you’re cooking on indirect heat, you essentially have an on-the-go oven! Additionally, you don’t have to worry about hotspots or using the top rack for warming only.

Convenient and Powerful Design

Portability wasn’t the only thing Camp Chef had in mind when creating the Pursuit pellet grill. It boasts 25,000 BTUs of cooking power, and its auger releases pellets from a 10-pound capacity hopper, which is large for a portable model. This grill is also equipped with a continuous fan that ensures even heat no matter what you’re cooking. To put you in total control of this powerful pellet pit, Camp Chef’s digital display shows either the grill’s temperature or the internal food temperature monitored by two included stainless steel meat probes. Above all else, you know you can rely on the respected name and durable construction of a Camp Chef grill.

Accessories for Safekeeping

The Pursuit pellet grill is an investment that should last for years, so why not protect it? Pick up a grill cover to keep your pit shielded from the elements when not in use, or get a carrying bag to prevent it from being damaged when you’re on the go. Whatever you do, be sure to treat your grill well, and it will do the same in return!

Things To Consider:

The upside of the Pursuit is that you get all the great features of Camp Chef’s larger pellet grills (patent-pending Slide and Grill technology, patented ash cleanout, and durable construction) in a portable package. However, be mindful that this grill’s hopper can fit only 10 pounds of pellets and that you still need electricity to run the auger and temperature controller.