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BBQ Grill Islands (44 Items)

Complete BBQ Islands

Outdoor BBQ islands are a popular economic option for bringing the open kitchen experience to your own backyard. A fantastic addition to any outdoor space, a BBQ grill island offers incredible value: expanding your private hosting opportunities while redefining how you entertain your loved ones. Put a stop to dividing your time between the party and the pantry, at a fraction of the cost! Quick and affordable, these complete BBQ islands are built for easy assembly — no contractor needed. With a variety of designs and styles available, keep all the conveniences of indoor entertaining nestled in your backyard with your own outdoor BBQ island…

…And when it comes time to move, take it with you!

Complete BBQ Grill Island Advantages:

  • Many different grill and outdoor storage options
  • Available in a variety of styles, colors, and shapes
  • Durable and attractive for years to come
  • Often easy to assemble for same-day grilling
  • Built tough to withstand most weather conditions
  • New home? Portable design keeps it in the family
  • Budget-friendly outdoor kitchen solution