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Outdoor TVs & Audio

Adding entertainment such as outdoor TVs to your outdoor area is a great way to incorporate more of the luxuries of the indoors outdoors and keep you close to the action. Bring the party to your backyard by enjoy your favorite movies and music with family and friends.

Why buy an Outdoor TV?

Outdoor televisions are designed to withstand the weather extremes that Mother Nature can create. Our selection of Outdoor TV's are engineered to stand up to rain, snow, bugs, and extreme weather variations from -24F to 122F. Indoor TVs are not weather proofed. Moisture, humidity, and rain would enter the interior of the TV and damage the circuitry. Because of the all-weather packaging, outdoor TVs are guarded against rain, ice and even dust on high wind days. This helps to make it a weather resistant TV and the perfect choice for your outdoor living room, by the pool or even while entertaining in the hot tub. There are many options to choose from in outdoor TVs. Choose from our many options of outdoor TVs perfect for watching your favorite shows or hosting a small gathering. Check out our Outdoor TV Buying Guide for more information on best features and considerations when purchasing an outdoor TV.

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