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BBQ Island Installation Components

BBQ Island Safety & Fire Protection

In an outdoor kitchen, there are a couple of safety components that must be considered and installed. If you are building your outdoor kitchen island out of combustible materials, such as wood, most manufacturers recommend using an insulated grill jacket. Grill jackets prevent the hot grill from coming into contact with the combustible materials to keep the outdoor kitchen’s structure from burning or warping, not to mention protect the grill’s undercarriage from weathering and corroding.

BBQ Island Gas Venting

If you have a gas grill in your island, you will need to install vent panels. Vent panels prevent any gas build up inside of the BBQ island. The placement of gas vent panels depends on if you have installed a natural gas BBQ grill, a propane grill, or any other type of gas appliance.

  • If you are using natural gas, you need to install the gas vent panel as high as possible because natural gas rises.
  • If your grill uses propane or LP gas, you need to install the vents low as possible because propane is a heavy gas that sinks.
  • You will need to place a panel every four to six feet.

BBQ Island Extras

There are a few cosmetic & convenience components that should be considered as well.
Trim Kits - While not necessary, for a professional finish you will want to install trim kits around the rough cut holes for you outdoor appliances and storage.
Grill Wind Guards - If you live in a coastal/windy area or you grill on a balcony, you may want to invest in grill wind guards. Wind guards let you cook outdoors on a lower flame and prevent wind from putting the fire out.
Island Umbrella Holes - If your kitchen doesn’t have much shade, an umbrella hole is a good investment. Once you install the umbrella hole and put an outdoor umbrella in it, you’ll have shade that is perfect for grilling or relaxing. It will make it more comfortable to BBQ on hot summer days by keeping the sun off of you while you cook and eat.

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