The Skinny:

  • Customizable log look
  • Burned through front log
  • Large glowing ember bed

Things We Love:

This log set does not limit you to one specific look. Every log in the set, including the large bottom logs, has both a split side and a bark side, allowing you to customize the look of your log set and change it up as often as you would like. The charred, burned through front log gives the appearance as if it has been burning all day. When paired with Rasmussen's FX burner, you get a generous glowing ember bed to add to this set's realism. The FX burner has two small ember boosting tubes to give this set more flames in the front, to mimic real cinders. We also like that each log is reinforced with steel rods, so you will not have to worry about the logs cracking or breaking.

See the Evening Crossfire Gas Log Set in action.