The Skinny:
  • Deluxe edition offers better quality and features than Nexgrill’s base model
  • Commercial-grade stainless steel burners and flame tamers are built to last
  • Infrared sear burner produces restaurant-quality steaks with every use
  • Push-to-start ignition makes lighting the grill quick and hassle-free
  • Included cover lets you extend the grill’s lifespan with no additional purchase

After putting gas grills in backyards across America, Nexgrill has rethought its popular offerings with a BBQGuys-exclusive Deluxe edition that greatly improves on the base model.

“Deluxe” might sound like a fancy marketing term on the surface, but in this case we can confidently say it accurately describes the strides Nexgrill has taken to revamp its 4-burner gas grill. Upgraded burners and flame tamers reflect the renewed commitment to quality; the addition of an infrared sear burner puts you in control of steakhouse-level cooking; the included tool hooks and grill cover are underrated and welcome features that prioritize your experience above all else. In short, the Nexgrill Deluxe 4-burner gas grill is efficient, versatile, and built stronger than ever before, all at an agreeable price for most grillers.

To see just how “deluxe” this grill really is, we let our product experts run a series of tests aimed at quantifying its quality, performance, and features. Their findings are the basis for this Nexgrill review — and the reason we stand behind the Deluxe edition as a huge step forward for a brand we already know and love.


Burners and flame tamers built from commercial-grade stainless steel — an ultra-durable material rarely found in this product class — are at the forefront of the Deluxe reboot.

First things first, we were quite surprised to spot commercial-grade, 304 stainless steel used in the 4 heavy-duty tube burners and their accompanying flame tamers. This material provides unmatched corrosion resistance and longevity in outdoor settings, representing a major upgrade in quality from Nexgrill’s standard series. (Fittingly, the burners are warranted for 10 years — twice as long as the base model’s coverage.) The grill exterior and freestanding cart, meanwhile, are made from stainless steel, granting them heightened durability compared with what the competition offers. There’s also an aesthetic element to this model: in a class where painted and porcelain-coated steel are the norm, the look of a stainless steel grill is tough to beat.

  • The only place you won’t find stainless steel on the Nexgrill Deluxe gas grill is the cooking surface. The grill grates are made of porcelain-coated cast iron, a material revered for its effects on performance (more on that in a bit). But with a porcelain coating protecting the cast iron from rust and making for easier cleaning, it's an indicator of solid quality as well. Furthermore, each cooking rod measures 11mm, which is astoundingly thick for this product class. Taken as a whole, there’s no doubt the Nexgrill Deluxe is a step up in durability from the standard models offered elsewhere.

  • Nexgrill porcelain coated grates


This grill performs well in every aspect, especially the show-stealing side sear burner that’s unique to the Deluxe.

Overall, this Nexgrill gas grill performs like we’d expect. It efficiently channels heat to the cooking surface, distributes that heat fairly evenly, and keeps flare-ups in check. But we’d be remiss if we didn’t spotlight the sear burner on the right-hand side shelf. While base Nexgrill models come with a standard side burner for sauces and sides, the Nexgrill Deluxe’s sear burner is fully equipped to deliver perfectly crusted steaks. It uses a gas burner to heat a ceramic plate, which then radiates extreme levels of infrared heat toward a set of cast iron cooking grates. Combining the excellent heat retention of cast iron with the limitless temperature potential of infrared was a smart move on Nexgrill’s part, and the proof is in the bold flavor and sear marks of every steak we tested.

  • Of course, there’s much more room to play with on the Nexgrill Deluxe — 615 square inches, to be exact. 165 of those come from the upper-level warming rack, leaving 450 square inches across the main grilling area. The combined total makes up one of the largest cooking surfaces in this grill class, and you’d have no trouble grilling for a family on the Nexgrill Deluxe. The grates themselves are cast iron; as stated above, this material is arguably the best at retaining heat, and it lives up to the hype here. Below the cooking grates is a set of angled flame tamers (1 covering each burner) that do a good job of stopping flare-ups and spreading even heat to every inch of the grilling area. To put it simply, we had no complaints about the performance of this Nexgrill gas grill.

  • Nexgrill filled with food


With new features and included accessories, the Nexgrill Deluxe sets you up for a more convenient grilling experience.

Sensing the shortcomings of its standard gas grill, Nexgrill outfitted the Deluxe model with a few helpful additions to make grilling simpler and more fun. Adding 3 built-in tool hooks on each side shelf, for instance, allows grillers to keep their trusty tongs, spatulas, and other accessories on hand. (We’ve done enough grilling to understand the value of having what you need in a pinch.) Including a grill cover — vital for prolonging the life of the grill — upfront is another sign of good faith from Nexgrill. Additionally, the grill ships with a propane regulator and hose so backyard chefs have everything they need to get grilling right away.

The most notable feature, though, might be Nexgrill’s electronic, push-to-start ignition system. Lighting the grill was quick and hassle-free every time we tried, so mark that down as a plus for the Nexgrill Deluxe. Cleanup is similarly simple, thanks to the grease funnel within the grill that runs to a removable drip cup. The cart also has a few nice touches we always like to see: a left-hand side shelf for extra prep space, 4 caster wheels that make mobility possible, and a pair of storage doors to fit a propane tank and then some. And though the grill comes ready for use with propane, it can be converted to natural gas if desired. That’s just one more example of the Nexgrill Deluxe living up to its name by putting your experience first.