The Skinny:

  • Built tough
  • Great value
  • Rapid preheat for quick grilling
  • Unique cooking grates reduce flare-ups
  • Customizable burner setup
  • Quality warranty

Things We Love:

Much like a muscle car, Solaire grills are built tough and offer solid performance. They have a heavy-gauge, durable welded stainless steel construction and double lined hood which protects the grill and holds in heat better. Solaire grills perfectly demonstrate the Benefits of Infrared cooking. The rapid 3 minute preheat is just one of the ways that the grill maximizes the ease, efficiency, and precision of grilling with infrared. Not only will your food cook faster with infrared, but it will also retain more moisture. The reason for this is because conventional burners heat your food with the movement of hot air, which can eventually dry out the food. Infrared burners, on the other hand, produce direct radiant heat, which reduces the amount of hot air moving past the food.

Solaire's stainless steel cooking grids are "v-shaped", and collect grease and drippings as you cook. The heat from the burners vaporizes most of the drippings, adding moisture and flavor into your food. The rest of the drippings are channeled away from the heat, which helps reduce flare-ups.

Solaire also has versatile burner configurations. You can choose a ceramic infrared burner, a stainless steel "convection" burner, or a combination of the two. Ceramic infrared burners produce extremely high searing heat. This style of burner is often found in high quality restaurants (infrared burners are great for getting those sear lines on steaks that everybody loves). You can also have both burner options at once, which they call "Infravection."

Solaire also has a solid lifetime warranty on stainless steel construction, burners, and v-grilling grids. Solaire has a good reputation and they stand behind their products with a good warranty.

Things To Consider:

While Solaire's infrared burner produces an extreme amount of heat, it doesn't reach low temperatures easily. If grilling on low temperature is important to you, you may want to consider either an Infravection model, so that you can reach lower temperatures on the conventional side of the grill, or adding the BBQ tray in order to diffuse some of the high heat before it reaches the food. Solaire also doesn't have any internal or control panel lighting, which can come in handy if you grill at night.

You'll Like This Grill If:

You want twice the flavor in half the time. Solaire's 3 minute preheat and its ability to retain moisture in food means that you'll be able to quickly grill restaurant-quality food, even on busy weeknights. Join the infrared revolution!