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DCS: The Company

Performance, customization, simplicity, and ease of use is what sets DCS apart from other brands. For example, the entire surface of their grill is capable of searing foods. Many other brands only offer searing capabilities on a specific area of the grill. This is achieved by DCS Ceramic Radiant Technology which is an array of ceramic rods positioned below the grill grate for even heating. The Grease Management System™ effectively reduces flare ups by channeling grease away from the flame while grilling. This system also makes cleanup simple, as the grease falls down into the drip tray for easy removal. The grill grates are also customized for both meats and vegetables. The grates are double sided, 304 cast stainless steel (36" - 48" models only) which feature one side with a gentle radius for fish and vegetables while the other is designed for maximum grease capture and searing lines, perfect for steaks and chops.

DCS began in the late 80's when designers and engineers set out to develop the first line of high-end commercial quality cooktops and outdoor grills. Soon afterwards, they became a leading manufacturer of cooktops and gas grills. Uniting style, innovation, and design DCS continues to build high performance products. Realizing outdoor products must be designed and built to withstand extreme use, DCS uses high quality components and stainless steel. They also include a lifetime warranty on stainless steel components, including the burners. In 2004, Fisher & Paykel purchased the DCS brand.

Dynamic Cooking Systems, Inc. (DCS) is the leading brand manufactured by Fisher & Paykel. Since 1934, Fisher & Paykel has continuously revolutionized laundry and kitchen appliances. Fisher & Paykel has set the standard, manufacturing products that have evolved into high performing, ergonomic, and aesthetically pleasing appliances.

But aside from design and innovation, overall cooking performance is what distinguishes DCS from all other brands. DCS allows you to control the power of your grill precisely and every grilling experience is extraordinary. Every DCS grill is capable of low temperature smoking and roasting using the infrared rotisserie burner, and high searing heat using the main burners. Ceramic Radiant Technology ensures the DCS grill has even heat, from the far back corner to front and center. The heavy duty double lined stainless steel hood is curved to allow natural convection, which is excellent for baking foods such as pizza on the grill.

We hope this article has helped you gain some DCS knowledge. We highly recommend DCS grills because of their ease of operation and overall performance. The stainless steel has a sharp look and is well built. DCS strives to create a high performance experience in every product.